Foxmarks Added Support for Password Syncing

Foxmarks - Synchronize firefox bookmarks.jpgOne of the most famous addon for Firefox browser, Foxmarks added support for password syncing. Originally developed for bookmark syncing, the addon was used in conjunction with Google’s now-out-of-development Browser Sync addon.

I posted long time back, how these two addons, Foxmarks and Browser Sync, together can help you synchronize your online data from anywhere on the web. Over the time, Google stopped development of Browser Sync and released its source code here. Since then, Firefox community was missing a really good addon to sync passwords, cookies, history, sessions and other sensitive data.

Those who are already using Foxmarks, just need to update it. Once its done, you can go to Foxmarks settings, and from Sync options turn-on password synchronization. By default, its turned off.

If you like to know, how password synchronization works, please check this official wiki.

Foxmarks expected to have support for cookies, sessions and history sync in future versions. So if you are not using it or missing Google’s Browser Sync, start using Foxmarks.

The only thing that they need to change soon is their punch-line! It is no more just essential bookmarking addon! For me, its now essential Firefox addon… 🙂

Links: Download Foxmarks | Firefox


Deepak October 18, 2008

@ Rahul:

Good thing.. But I prefer using Roboform password manager and syncing it with my pendrive using Roboform 2 go 🙂

Get my passwords even where there is no access to internet.

Rahul Bansal October 21, 2008

Why do we need passwords offline? 😉
We can’t login to many sites without internet… 😛