Free Desktop Application for Making To-Do Lists

A couple of months ago I wrote about Fish Memory, which allows creating and managing multiple ‘To Do” lists. There is a problem with such to-do list websites. The problem is you always need to be connected to the internet and also access them through a browser.

Most times desktop applications to make ‘to-do lists’ are a litte complicated and usually not free. Thankfully I came across Doominow, which is a simple desktop application to make to-do lists.

Doominow To-Do List Features

  • Just download the application from the website and start adding to-do tasks.
  • The software is simple and light and does not have too many complexities.
  • It is an Adobe air application which obviously makes it compatible with all platforms including Linux.

Why I recommend Doominow?

I like using this application because it is lightweight and uncomplicated. Most To-Do applications try to have complicated features and that takes the simplicity out of it.

I wish that the software had a way to sync on the cloud, that would be useful for people using two different computers.

Try out Doomi – To Do Lists and drop in your comments.

Link: Doominow

One Comment

Praful November 20, 2012

Thanks for the share Aditya. I am trying to use Doominow but its bit tedious when it comes to set reminder. We need to count on days, hours and minutes while setting reminder. It would be more useful if it would have allowed us to set a date directly.