Create and manage online to-do lists with FishMemory

To-do lists are very important for most people who work a lot online. I usually used Sticky Notes applications with Windows 7, I have on my computer. This helps me keep track of all the things I need to do. But sticky notes application is quite a simplistic one and a slightly more complex one might be quite useful. This is where I love the To-do list online service from Fish Memory.

Features of To-Do List with Fish Memory

  • I like To-Do lists to have a simple interface. This is why I find using Google calendar a little uncomfortable when it comes to using it daily. Fish Memory supports multiple to-do lists which can be created.
  • Notes can be added to the lists along with tasks can be marked complete and incomplete. It is an ideal way to plan a small personal project and track its progress over the few days.
  • It also allows creating reminders which can send out a reminders every day or even on a particular day of the week.
  • I can also share these to-do lists with others through email or make a particular list public. 🙂

Alternatives to this site can be Remember the Milk add-ons or even Task lists Gmail. I like using Fish Memory lists here more because it shows complex functions in a simple layout. This makes it quite useful for people who want to use a new online tool and not spend time figuring it.

Do you make to-do lists online? If you have other online tools then do share through your comments.

Link: Fish Memory