[Review] Android entry-level mobile phone in India!

With Android growing without a looking back, people in India are often found more interested in budget-savvy mobile phones. So here I am coming to you reviewing 3 entry-level mobile phone available in India and running Android OS.

The three handsets I am talking about are: Micromax Andro, Samsung Galaxy Pop (confirmed the price in Pune, courtesy the Mobile Store) and Dell XCD 28. Let me list down a few major features of these mobile sets.


DW android4



  • Andro: Rs. 6999 (Mobile Store price)
  • Galaxy Pop: Rs. 9169 (Mobile Store price)
  • XCD 28: Rs. 7725 (a price lower than Naaptol, check here)


DW android2


Android Version

  • Andro: 2.1 (Éclair)
  • Galaxy Pop: 2.2 (Froyo)
  • XCD 28: 2.1 (Éclair)




  • Andro: 2.8” resistive touchscreen
  • Galaxy Pop: 3.2” TFT capacitive touchscreen
  • XCD 28: 2.8” resistive touchscreen


DW android3



  • Andro: 3.2 Mega-pixel (digital zoom, that’s what mentioned everywhere :P)
  • Galaxy Pop: 3.15 Mega-pixel with 3x zoom
  • XCD 28: 3 Mega-pixel with 5x zoom



DW android1


Ofcourse, all the above 3 phones supports 3G network, Bluetooth as well as WiFi connectivity. I hope this will give you a brief idea about the mobile handsets in the Android range. Keep commenting and do suggest if you want me to cover any specific topics.

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    1. Hi Ankit,Nice post got a brief picture of Android mobiles.I have a request can you please check which android phone is good to buy if the budjet is 10K or 11K max.i did lil bit of R&D but some reviews say the phone is good some reviews it is bad.so i am confused.i want to know which company is providing best android phones.

      1. “Some people like the Apple, while some may like the Orange”. No two people can like everything same in this World. I would suggest analyze your complete requirement first, and then chose an OS. I am a Nokia lover and hence I bought an E-5 even though it’s Symbian.
        Also, its a Qwerty as I am needed to type a lot of SMS so I didn’t want a touch-screen at all. Remember, you just don’t need to see “Android”, also take care about the touch screen type, i.e. is it Resistive or Capacitive!

        I hope this much explanation is fine with you! Thanks and stay in touch!

        1. Thanks Ankit, Even i am Nokia lover ,But the thing is i am mobile application developer, and i want to learn android so i thought if i take android phone i can practice android app development so i asked you as you do detail research and you know alot about new stuff.Ya u r correct taste varies from person to person.I will check it my self thanks.

    2. hi hema…
      you can go for ‘Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670’
      it is a good mobile i bought the same for my sister last month.

      1. Hi Samir,

        Thanks for your comment, But i bought Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 months back, And i must say i am very happy with it 🙂

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