Tag Printed Documents with QR Code to Download Them on Mobile Platforms

Imagine someone was reading a document I created which was printed out. Later if they wanted a virtual version of it they simply scan the QR code printed on the document and download the soft-copy on their mobile phones. That is exactly what TagMyDocs allows users to do. Just visit TagMyDoc.com and upload your document […]

Music Player for Android with Song Identification [Play by Yahoo]

A week ago, Yahoo! released their music app “Play” for Android based smartphones. The music player with features like song identification, smart shuffling, music sharing, etc. received mixed reviews from users. Some called it a hybrid of iTunes Genius and Shazam while some felt that the app lacked certain features that other players offer. Well, […]

Insta7 – Mobile App for Faster Browsing on GPRS/3G

I recently came across a mobile application called Insta7 and found it quite useful for mobile users in India. The mobile app, shows the latest news updates, cricket scores and even latest flight status updates. Insta7 Features While using mobile phones, there are many apps and websites we browse from the phone browser. This can […]

Free GPS on your phone – Waze

People in India have a tough time overcoming traffic everyday, as they are hardly aware of alternative routes, intensity of traffic in a particular area, roadworks, etc. Waze is a free mobile application which has been in existence over a year now and a very few smart phone users in India are seen using it. […]

Facebook For iPhone adds New Features for Videos, Walls and Photos

Few weeks ago, Facebook has introduced 0.facebook.com mobile site, where facebook has partnership with mobile company operators and made the mobile site to access it for free. Now, Facebook has just released version 3.1.3, which adds a few new features that people have been asking for and also it would increase further accessing of facebook. […]