Friends “You Both Follow” Feature Coming to Twitter

Twitter engineers are working twitter api to make the micro blogging website, a robust and flexible social networking tool for its users. As an initial step in this regard, twitter has started to roll out “You Both Follow” feature, to the users. We have already talked about the importance of this feature and along with the tools that allow you to see mutual followers on twitter.

Certainly, this was one of the features that twitter was missing and should have been introduced a some time ago, but as they say,”Better late, than never”, its good to have it for the expansion of Social Media. With “You both follow” feature, you can see the people that you and other twitter user have in common on the sidebar of the twitter page. This feature will be helpful in managing social connections on twitter, especially when you receive a new follower, and you wish to know how it came to know about you.

Do you have it?

Being in test mode, currently the feature is tested on 10 percent users only as revealed in a tweet by Nick Kallen, an engineer at Twitter. Third-party apps like Mutual Tweeps, ReFollow, Twitual, Twtfrnd already provide the feature to compare two twitter users based on their common followers. And, if you can’t wait to see what this feature is all about, then you must read: Browser Plugins to See Mutual Friends on twitter.

Let us know if you have “You both follow” enabled in your twitter account!?

via TechCrunch

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freefv June 4, 2010

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