Browser Plugins to See Mutual Friends on twitter

Twitter recently introduced the much needed Hovercards feature, but if twitter is still missing on something, then it is the ability to show mutual followers. Whenever I come across any profile, I would want to know, who I have in common or, Which of my friends are following him? And since, all of his updates would be visible on my twitter page, so, Is he reliable enough to follow back?

Understanding the need of users, many third-Party web apps have been created, that fill this gap. MutualTweeps, ReFollow, Twitual, Twtfrnd are a part of the long list. All of them work on the functionality of Comparison between two twitter users, where you need to input your twitter user name and user name of the fellow tweeter.

Since most of the twitter users still use to access their twitter accounts. The plugins below, will let them discover mutual friends, from their twitter domains. As of now, the plugins are in early stages on development, but still, we found them interesting and useful because of the functionality they bestow us with. – A Firefox add-on offering the ability to display Mutual friends you have with any other twitter user. This is a neat little add-on that does not require any user name input from user.

After installing the add-on,  go to menu in the menu bar. Configure the settings by verifying your twitter account. Then right click on any other user’s Name or Profile picture, and select “View Mutual Friends”. Quickly, you can see the people you two have in common. This add-on finds it usage with other social networks like Facebook, MySpace and FriendFeed also.

twitter mutual friends add-on

Firefox Users can install the add-on.
Don’t worry! We have a similar, but an advanced Extension for Chrome Users also.

Intersect – As the name suggests, a Google Chrome extension that lets you see users who mutually follow you and another user on Twitter. It adds an embedded column just under the Followers module. This extension does not work on Protected accounts.

mutual followers extension for chrome

Chrome Users can install Intersect extension.

Mutual Followers add-ons provide us a much better idea of the people surrounding us. We wish, twitter itself comes up with a feature of its own! Because, it’s not what you know but who you know that counts!

Do let me know if you use any such similar service via any website or addons.

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