Gender Discrimination on Facebook! [Funny]

A funny poster that jokes about how women steal all the thunder from men when it comes to people comment or 'Like' stuff on Facebook.

We all love Facebook. One of the most intuitive features of Facebook is the ‘Like’ button. This gives us the power to show our friends that we liked or support something they shared on Facebook. I came across a funny caricature about how life is often imitated online. Atleast when it comes paying people attention based on their gender. At least according to this sketch even a Nobel prize win for a guy won’t be as popular as a girl sharing a video of a cute ‘puppy’.

I am not sure how many women will agree with me wholly about the joke in the sketch but it does have a bit of truth in it doesn’t it? Do drop in your comments and views.


nina November 8, 2010

is it the content of the post or the gender of the poster that gets ‘likes’? your “funny” post does not really explain clearly what you are trying to describe. if women get more likes it’s likely out of reciprocity than out of gender. but there is a gender bias to reciprocity. women are typically more interactive on social networks and that interactivity builds reciprocity in their networks, meaning people are more likely to “like” what they post. also, it enables their feeds to show up more often in their friend’s network so giving their posts more visibility more often. And when you post links to other stuff, Facebook will boost you at the top of other people’s news feeds over just status updates. So, a link to a viral video of cute animals will be seen more often than a status update about yourself. That’s pretty much the explanation I have for your comic.

Nitin November 25, 2010

I don’t know how effective is your reply. May be it is right. But let’s see how much “likes” we get on your reply…and how much on the above comic !! lol

akash August 17, 2011

what crap logic. da only reason gals get more likes, and i say this at the risk of sounding sexist, dat in da game of boy pataofying gals, its da gals who have da upper hand 😛

Nishin April 29, 2011

:)..nina’s explaination was pretty lengthy..refuse to read it…the pic abv was d best I liked in fb so far. i think it totally rockz!

Tim Chesbro December 19, 2011

The above pic is really true on facebook…lets forget abt the video stuff..but if a girl even just post something smallest stuff..she gets many likes.I have many girls in my profile & one of them had posted just a small smiley in her post & nothing else…she got almost more than 90 likes & more than 50 comments..
Now what do u say…