Top 5 Sites to Create Customized Playlists Online

List of 5 great websites which allows you to play customized music playlists. Ideal for sitting back and enjoying some online music streamed on your computer.

The best part about the internet is that we can share our interests with similar people who we may never know. It is often said that music has no borders. This has been proven with these online services which allow you to create and share your favorite music with people from all over. You can now listen to music based simply on genres or even your mood. Here is a list of few of my latest discoveries which managed to keep me quiet for few hours. 😛


Here you can either create your own play-list by selecting each track on your own or based on popular songs. Go a step ahead and personalize the appearance of your playlist with an antique transistor look or an electric red snazzy iPod skin. If you don’t have the patience to pick and choose, pick up any of the playlists already present with a good range of artists. All this can be done without creating an account which makes it more convenient.

#2. Grooveshark

This one was my personal favourite. Its got a well designed interface as well as the search results thrown are a good blend of originals alternated with covers. Every song you search for goes into a panel of thumbnails which you can later save as a playlist or export to a widget over your webpage. Another point is that you can customize the settings and appearance.


You can get great playlists here as well with the added option of a ‘drag and drop’ wherein you can pick up songs you like and drop them into your personal playlist. Fortunately the song which is playing meanwhile doesn’t stop through this process. You can shortlist while searching itself whether you are looking for songs in particular or playlists in general.


Finally there is a place where you can create a playlist of your favorite YouTube videos! If you don’t have a YouTube account and need to make a playlist of its videos, Yompe is perfect. Create an account in less than a minute, name your playlist and feed in the URL of your videos.


This site has a wide range of playlists each with few tracks. It’s great for streaming your own music with 8 or more tracks.

What I really like in most of these applications are the outrageous names some playlists have. I often find it useful to play one of these playlists, while trying to find words for the next post I am working on.

Do let me know what you think about these or if you know of any better alternative applications.


Hannan November 7, 2010

Great find ! 🙂

Andrea November 7, 2010

This is awesome !! :))

Apurv November 8, 2010

thanks ! now i can organize my music properly ! 😀

lifeh2o November 12, 2010

Why is not in the list

Shradha Rao November 12, 2010

Thanks for the link lifeh20. I checked it out and quite liked it. Will include the next time we do a similar ranking!

iiibmmm November 12, 2010

tank you… not fond this download…

Shradha Rao November 12, 2010

Thanks iiibmmm for your comment. The reason you can’t download is because this is a list of playlists you can listen to online, like lets say when you’re working online.

vicky November 14, 2010

i use groove shark… it is quite brilliant

Shradha Rao November 17, 2010

Me too! Its my personal favorite amongst all!

michael July 31, 2011

You also missed out on Jampri, allowing your friends on facebook help you out by adding songs to your playlist.