Use Twitter bookmarklet to share any webpage

Sometimes I come across a great article or a photo gallery and it is impressive. So decided maybe some of my friends on Twitter might want to look this up. I look around for the Tweet meme button or even Twitter’s own re-tweet button. It’s nowhere to be found.

Now I copy paste the address of the post, shorten it in Hoot suite which I use to handle my Twitter account and then share it on Twitter.

Now Twitter has introduced a bookmarklet which allows the user to share a page on Twitter from the browser with no need of a re-tweet button at all.

How to get Twitter Bookmarklet?

Just look up the Twitter Share Bookmarlet page and look up the bookmarklet icon. Drag and drop that button into your bookmarks section on any browser.

Once done look up any page you want to share online with Twitter. Just click on the bookmarklet and it will show up a pop message you can customize and share the tweet on Twitter. (see image below)

This is not really a path breaking  feature and there are many alternatives out there with the same functionality. But the difference here is that this is one more feature which Twitter has shared as its official service and not let developers continue make a killing on it.

Will Twitter bury the very developers which made it the interactive buzzing forum it is now with thousands of different applications? Do drop in your views through your comments.