Get Firefox browser Inside Firefox browser

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Mozilla Firefox is the most popular browser used by techies to access  websites when compared to other browsers like Internet explorer and Opera. Most of users use Mozilla Firefox as there default browser.

There are many tricks using Mozilla Firefox this is one of the trick I’m sharing with you, Firefox inside Firefox.

So here , 4 steps to follow to get Firefox inside Firefox.

  • Open your Mozilla Firefox Browser.
  • Copy and paste the code below into the address bar of your Mozilla Firefox browser.


  • If you want to open another Firefox browser paste the same  above address  into address bar of newly open Firefox tab.
Firefox hidden features
Firefox inside firefox

Amazing isn’t it? This is a  easter eggs that is hidden in Mozilla Firefox browser, so stun your friends by embedding new Firefox browser window inside Firefox browser.

If you liked reading about this easter egg you might like reading about Google Easter eggs and Ninja Mode in Google Reader. There is also a Flight Simulator hidden with Google Earth.

Do you like using and exploring Easter Eggs in software applications? Do let us know through your comments.


Chetan June 7, 2010

nice trick.. thank u…

Vishwanath dalvi June 7, 2010

@Chetan U r welcome.friend. more to come..

xzibit June 7, 2010

i heard you like firefox browser…

Amandeep Singh June 7, 2010

This is a nice trick to just play around with your friends :D.. Provided they don’t read DW 😛

nihil June 7, 2010

can i open privet browsing

Vishwanath dalvi June 7, 2010

@nihil Yes you can open it in private browsing mode of mozilla also..

shreyas June 9, 2010

liked this 1

Vishwanath dalvi June 9, 2010

@shreyas Thanks shreyas..

iPad Game Development June 9, 2010

Never knew that firefox had such a cool feature.
Surely firefox rocks.

Vishwanath dalvi June 9, 2010

@ipadGameDevelopment yeah.. sure firefox is rocking the browsers war.. between IE vs Chrome vs Firefox

vishal August 28, 2010

wow nice post…thanks