Google and Facebook Embed Easter Eggs Celebrating Christmas

Google is well known for embedding easter eggs on their search results page. Last year whenever someone typed a reference to Christmas, a small streamer like design showed on the results page. This year the design is much more elegant with snowflakes and even a Santa Claus like figure flying across the header of the results page.



While Google is showing this only for Christmas related queries, Facebook too has introduced its own easter egg in the form of animated snowflakes on its Android app. Just open a chat with someone using “chat heads” and we can see snowflakes falling on the profile pic.

Xmas_FB_ChatheadsHave you seen any more unique and interesting ways tech companies are celebrating Christmas festival with their users? Do let us know in your comments.



Google Search Query Results in Heart Shaped Valentine’s Day Surprise!

Remember the simple trick of typing in this query ‘Do a Barrel Roll’ and the entire results page on Google turned upside down and back again. Well this Valentine’s Day, someone has figured out a way to enter a mathematical equation and get a graphical output which is heart shaped.


The Equation to Google’s Heart!

Just enter the following equation into Google Search and hit the search button.


sqrt(cos(x))*cos(300x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(6-x^2), -sqrt(6-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5

The equation is translated into a Graph which shows up in the shape of a heart. This feature is not a very well known feature of Google. You can check out more such Google search features here.

Google does have some weird Easter eggs, but this was probably not the doing of a Google programmer. If you play around the values in the equation, the output starts to change. So someone must have figured out a way to create this hear shaped design with the right values.

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Google Gets the World to “Do a Barell Roll”

Google has a strange sense of humor. If you search for ‘Do a Barell Roll” on Google, the results load up but not before the entire page rolls around 360 degrees. This is an easter egg and it has gone viral. For many hours now, it is the most searched query on Google. 😀

The easter egg works only on Firefox and Chrome browser but not on Internet Explorer.

The search query went viral on Twitter, and this chart below from Trendistic shows how the search query went viral on Twitter.

What does ‘Do a Barell Roll” mean?

This has been inspired from a Nintendo video game called ‘Star Fox’. The game was hugely popular in the mid-1990s and Google seems to be paying it own homage to the game. The ‘barell roll’ was a manoeuvre in the game.

Google employees seem to be huge gaming fans, as it had over two years ago given a homage to the game ‘Zero Wing’ with a strangely coded Tweet.

Video of “Do a Barell Roll” on Google

The amusing part is how many people love such small quirks of Google and how quickly they go viral within hours.

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Google Search for Hackers, Pirates and Klingons

Are you a hacker? If you are geek then chances are you have searched Google for hacking tools. Chances are most geeks do not end up being Hackers but only fantasizing about it. Code is very important to geeks who are programmers and Google is full of them.

To show their appreciation for the Geek community Google has come up with a Google Search specially for hackers. Just visit

This is like a easter egg with Google and in case you get inspired by Johnny Depp after watching Pirates of the Carribean then try using and it will display Google Search page with a pirate lingo.

Not, satisfied as yet? Want to be an alien from Star Trek called Klingon. Just visit for Google Search in this alien Klingon language from Star Trek.  

Another great Easter egg is just search for “find Chuck Norris” without the quotes and click on “I’m Feeling Lucky“. The answer is pretty hilarious.
(Note: This is not really a easter egg but a website created by someone else which shows results like Google would. Thanks to Avi for pointing that our in comments. 🙂 )

So do you like Google and its tribute to all things geek? Do let me know through your comments.


Get Firefox browser Inside Firefox browser

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Mozilla Firefox is the most popular browser used by techies to access  websites when compared to other browsers like Internet explorer and Opera. Most of users use Mozilla Firefox as there default browser.

There are many tricks using Mozilla Firefox this is one of the trick I’m sharing with you, Firefox inside Firefox.

So here , 4 steps to follow to get Firefox inside Firefox.

  • Open your Mozilla Firefox Browser.
  • Copy and paste the code below into the address bar of your Mozilla Firefox browser.


  • If you want to open another Firefox browser paste the same  above address  into address bar of newly open Firefox tab.
Firefox hidden features
Firefox inside firefox

Amazing isn’t it? This is a  easter eggs that is hidden in Mozilla Firefox browser, so stun your friends by embedding new Firefox browser window inside Firefox browser.

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Do you like using and exploring Easter Eggs in software applications? Do let us know through your comments.


Countdown to the New Year with Google

Google has a interesting new way to ring in the new year. They have introduced a count down on their search engine.

I know you might not see the counter at the moment when you visit but just click on ‘I’m Feeling Lucky‘ without anything in the search bar and a counter appears which is counting down the seconds right up to the New Year. 😉

Google Count Down

So go ahead try this new innovative way Google has decided to countdown to the new year. 😉

If you know of any other tricks websites are pulling to ring in the New Year let me know through your comments.


Google Earth Flight Simulator a backhanded compliment to Microsoft?

A lot of us who use Google Earth do not know about Flight Simulator mode in Google Earth. I have been using Google Earth for over 3 years now and was still unaware of the Flight Simulator tool until a few days ago. With Flight Simulator in Google Earth allowing me to take off from Kathmandu Airport into the mountains, it brought back memories of an addictive video game I had played as a teen almost 10 years ago.

The similarities with Flight Simulator by Microsoft were too many to not think of this mode as a backhanded compliment by Google Earth developers to Microsoft.

Over Mount Everest with Google Earths Flight Simulator


Google Earth: Flight Simulator

  • To start Flight Simulator mode start Google Earth and click on the globe once and press Ctrl + Alt + A. This starts the flight simulator mode and the following screen appears.


  • It is not very complex except the controls seem to be a little too sensitive. The HUD screen resembles being inside a airplane cockpit.
  • The idea is pretty amazing, especially for kids being introduced to Google Earth. Imagine flying around in a airplane over your own neighborhood on your desktop. 🙂
  • The whole feel of it, with selecting Airports from around the world and different plane models is very similar to very early versions of Flight Simulator by Microsoft.
  • Playing around with it I immediately realized that this Easter Egg within Google Earth was like a homage being paid to Microsoft’s Flight Simulator video game.

Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X was less of a game and more of a virtual environment for flying enthusiasts with a virtual environment to simulate the whole world. Google Earth is probably paying homage to a very old and loved video game.

Interesting Factoid: Flight Simulator software from Microsoft is 2 years older than its Windows Licence. 😉

Link: Google Earth Flight Simulator


Google Easter Eggs

The Google Web site–and many of the company’s software programs–are loaded with gags, goofs, and Easter eggs that have helped Google maintain a fun-loving spirit in the cut-throat world of Web competition. Here’s a compilation of a few ones:

Thanks to Google Calculator, you can use the Google search box for serious number crunching–anything from converting currency to solving advanced maths equations. But things don’t always add up the way you think they will with Google Calculator. Try searching for “answer to life the universe and everything,” “number of horns on a unicorn,” or “once in a blue moon” for unexpected computations.

If you Google “ascii art“, you’ll find an ASCII representation of Google’s logo next to the search box. Likewise, try searching for “recursion“. The search results will have a ‘did you mean’ inspire the right spelling. It’s actually a geeky Easter egg closely related to the witty use of the “did you mean” feature to help you understand recursion.

Google’s free image editing and management software Picasa has a wild side that few people know about. Open Picasa and press Ctrl-Shift-Y, and a teddy bear will pop up. Keep pressing those keys and watch out for the sloth (or sleuth) of red-bowtied bears that take over the program!


Over and above all this there is a specific google’s easter special search page too!

Google also has a tradition of perpetrating April Fools’ Day hoaxes. More on these can be read on its  wikipedia page.

(Image Credits: Google’s easter special page)

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