Google Search Query Results in Heart Shaped Valentine’s Day Surprise!

Remember the simple trick of typing in this query ‘Do a Barrel Roll’ and the entire results page on Google turned upside down and back again. Well this Valentine’s Day, someone has figured out a way to enter a mathematical equation and get a graphical output which is heart shaped. The Equation to Google’s Heart! […]

Google Search for Hackers, Pirates and Klingons

Are you a hacker? If you are geek then chances are you have searched Google for hacking tools. Chances are most geeks do not end up being Hackers but only fantasizing about it. Code is very important to geeks who are programmers and Google is full of them. To show their appreciation for the Geek […]

Get Firefox browser Inside Firefox browser

This is a guest post by Vishwanath Dalvi, if you too would like to write guest posts for Devils’ workshop, do check out our revenue sharing program. Mozilla Firefox is the most popular browser used by techies to access  websites when compared to other browsers like Internet explorer and Opera. Most of users use Mozilla Firefox as […]

Google Easter Eggs

The Google Web site–and many of the company’s software programs–are loaded with gags, goofs, and Easter eggs that have helped Google maintain a fun-loving spirit in the cut-throat world of Web competition. Here’s a compilation of a few ones: Thanks to Google Calculator, you can use the Google search box for serious number crunching–anything from […]