Get New Google Docs Editor and resize inline images

Get New Google Docs Editor by making changes to Google Docs settings and also try out its new feature of resizing inline images with newly created documents.

Google Docs has been busy in the past month or so and we can reach that conclusion with the number of changes Google Docs has brought into its layout and design structure. I have already written about new features with Google Docs which resemble Google Wave. Now you can also re-size images within a document while using Google Docs. But before all that you need to get the new Google Docs Editor

How to get new Google Docs Editor?

The new Google Docs Editor is not yet made available to everyone but you can enable it for any new documents you create with Google Docs.

  • While you have Google Docs open, click on Settings.
  • Under Settings you will need to select Editing.
  • Now as seen in image below check New version of Google documents and then Save the settings.

Now any new text document will be created with the new version of document editor.

How to re-size images which are inline?

Now once you create a new document and insert an image within the text, you can just click on it to get the options to re-size the image to suit your needs. This can be done automatically and the text around the image will adjust automatically pretty much like any other word processor. (see image below)

I liked the New editor layout for Google Docs so much that I do not think I will need to use MS Word again. Also Google Docs are very easy to share and option of sharing MS Office documents with Facebook friends is still not revealed completely so for the moment Google is getting it right by sticking to getting a friendlier format rather than making it too complex.

Do let me know your view on Google Docs new editor and features and drop in your comments.