3 great websites to create RSS feeds of links shared on Twitter

My Twitter time-line is full of my friends who are sharing links with me of things they find interesting and most importantly they also end up writing about what they are doing to cricket scores and which movie they are watching over the weekend. Some of these tweets are quite irritating as like many people on Twitter, I usually want to look up interesting links which are shared by friends.

Here are three websites which will allow you to create RSS feeds of only the links shared people you are following on Twitter.

#1. Sift Links

  • This one is very simple. Just enter your Twitter account credentials and you Sift Links will show you immediately all the Tweets with links by people you follow.
  • Sift Links can also create RSS links for you to monitor all the links shared by your Twitter friends.
  • Finally the good part is this service does not need any registrations. 🙂

#2. ReadTwit

  • ReadTwit is pretty similar to Sift Links but it does not display any links like Sift links does but creates a RSS feed directly.
  • Just enter the credentials on ReadTwit and you will get a RSS feed on only links.

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#3. Twitter Lists 2 Rss

  • Sift Links and ReadTwit are great to create RSS feeds of all the links that are shared in your Twitter time-line but invariably we have Lists within Twitter and what about all the Links within the lists.
  • Twitter Lists 2 Rss allows you to create RSS feeds on specific lists on Twitter so you can narrow down the information you are looking for.
  • This can be very useful if you have a large number of people you are follow but have some important people who are listed and you want to absolutely follow.

These 3 websites I reviewed are probably great for someone looking to get information for a limited number of followers. Sometimes it is a little costly to follow people blindly as we do not know if the Tweets they share are too few or too many but glancing up and down a RSS feed is easier than looking up your Twitter timeline on a desktop app.

Do let me know your views on these websites by dropping in your comments.