Disable Social Networks From Tracking Your Cookies

Most of the websites now include HTML snippets/buttons of Facebook, Twitter etc. even though they are used to share content, they actually track you all over the web. If you care about privacy, you must have already installed privacy addons like Ghostery, Adblock Plus, but here’s a new addition to your privacy toolkit – Priv3.

Image 004

Priv3 is different from addons like Ghostery. For example, Ghostery blocks social sharing buttons (+1, Like, Tweet buttons) and other social snippets (Facebook comments, Facebook connect) completely, so you may feel disconnected.

Priv3 protects your privacy by blocking trackers, but still shows social snippets like Facebook Comments, +1, like buttons so you don’t miss any content. Once you interact with the social snippet, it reloads the cookies and tracking starts again, so unless and until you interact with the snippet, the addon keeps blocking the trackers.

One thing which is too disappointing for me is that Priv3 is only available for Firefox, so all I can do is wait for a Chrome version of it. If you’re a Firefox user, check it out and also tell us what you think of it.

Link: Priv3 Firefox Addon