Get your Gmail on mobile via SMS

Few days ago, we mentioned about how to get Orkut Scrap alerts as SMS and a lot of people were querying on how to get such notification for new E-mails that we get. Here is what you need to do for getting your emails delivered to your cell phone as SMS instantaneously.

All this is done by SMS-to-Email service providers, currently offered by Mobee and Mytoday.

mobee_logo has an awesome interface and delivers your mail of up to 400 characters but  it is a premium service now, though for testing purpose you can avail a free account which will give you only 3 E-mail notification per day. But at any point of time, you may migrate to their premium plans which cost as little as Rs. 30 Per Month and gives some great features like, reply to a mail by SMS or forwarding any mail. And all this is operated using a non-premium ten digit mobile number which costs you as low as a normal SMS.

m3m Mytoday, on the other hand, another big player in SMS world, has also started such Email-to-SMS service for ‘free’ under the name Email2Sms (M3M). Though the service is free, it has got certain limitations too. As a free user, you can only avail a limited alerts of 100 SMS notifications per year and if you wish to get unlimited SMS alerts, it will cost you a reasonable amount of 999 bucks per year. Any ways considering it to be free (upto 100 alerts/year), we can surely give it a try, also this is one time setup process.

Basically the whole system works by setting up an auto forwarding in your mail box to a specified mail id provided to you by the ‘Email-to-SMS’ service provider. As per the service provider, all your Emails are being stored in an encrypted form and cannot be viewed by them. I am still wondering on how secure your personal data would be, so please use this service at your own risk. 😉 Further detailed instructions on setting up auto forwarding can be availed once you sign-up for the respective services.


My Review: Personally, I have used both the services, Mobee was outstanding as I have used a premium version of it and have not got any complaints with it. M3M is equally good. You give it a try and let us know your comments on it.

Links: Mobee (Register) | Mytoday (Register)

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KRUNAL December 16, 2008

why dont u guyz also provide the information abt feed2sms service?i mean to say using email2feed and then use google channel to get ur feed as sms.try is a good privacy is assured.

ashwin September 7, 2012

None of the above sites seem to work these days. The best way to get email alerts on sms within seconds is to use it with

It sends out email alerts via SMS within seconds. Also, the best part is it works with DND numbers too. Try it.

Abhishek December 17, 2008

@KRUNAL – As you are saying No Privacy is assured, why should we take the risk..?
Also these service is push based so privacy is assured!!

Roja December 18, 2008

I am using service. Its awesome. Getting my email with in 1 min. Also We can send documents while replying from SMS. That is superb.

Rahul Bansal December 20, 2008

Thanks for update buddy. is nice. 🙂

sam mathur March 6, 2010

plz say me how to gmail and orcut alert via sms on my moblie………………..

Caerbannog June 9, 2009

There is a similar free service that works worldwide at

Cheers 🙂

Prem May 28, 2010

Hi friends ,I have been using a similar website and thought it will be useful . It is which is already offering free sms facility from web . It is also providing free mail alerts to mobile . All u need is to setup a mail forward to a way2sms id and setup alert there . More details can be found at

devidas October 30, 2010

plz say me how to gmail and orkut alert via sms on my moblie

ashfaq khan March 26, 2011

am using service. Its awesome. Getting my email with in 1 min. Also We can send documents while replying from SMS. That is superb.