Gmail Lab Introduced “Insert Images Button”

Gmail Labs recently introduced a new features – “Insert Image Button”.

Insert Images Button

This feature when activated allow you to upload/insert images into email. Until now there wasn’t anyway to add images into your email from Gmail’s WYSIWYG editor.

To activate this feature, simple go to Gmail >> Settings >> Labs and look for Inserting images. You better use browsers search feature as Gmail labs is now have more than 20 features to choose from!


Gmail Insert Images-1.png  

Upload Images-1.png

Contol size & alignment of uploaded Image-1.png

No Integration WIth Picasa

Only thing surprised me is missing integration with Picasa albums. Other Google services like Orkut supports complete integration with Picasa.

Why in Labs???

I hope such a basic feature will be added to Gmail when it will come out of beta. (Gmail is in beta for more than 5 years now!)

(via Official Gmail Blog)


CascadeHush August 6, 2009

Thanks for the post.

I think you partially answer your own ‘Why in Labs?’ question with your prior paragraph… It’s missing that key feature (much as I hate Picasa, it is a no-brainer for inclusion)

On top of that, it is: slow, not pretty, a bit flakey, and very tedious if you want to upload more than one or two images.

It’s definitely not ready for prime time. I do agree that it’s way overdue though.

Rahul Bansal August 31, 2009

You are right. This needs more polishing.
I practically went back to uploading images as attachments.

shir July 23, 2010

it’s july 2010 and am still waiting for the picasa integration feature. =(