Google Adsense Hack: Automated Section Targetting for bloggers!

If you are a blogger showing Google Adsense ads, then this time I really got a awesome trick which worked well for me! This increased my Adsense earning with the help of section targeting!

Some Basics:
Adsense ads are loaded dynamically according to content of page! Now post people comes to your page to read post (probably they are coming via Google searching for some information). In this regard ads should be targeted to content of your post!

The Newbies Way…
Google provides following HTML comment tags to implement section targeting,

<!– google_ad_section_start –>
…….. your post …….
<!– google_ad_section_end –>

So at every time you are writing a post you have to make sure that you write your post between above two HTML comment tags!

You can automate this in two ways!
There are two ways to do this as explained below. The first way will work for all blogspot blogger while second one is for blogger beta user! Similar hacks can be applied for any blogging platform (e.g. wordpress, movableType, Typepad, etc).

#1. Formatting Post Template: (for all blogspot blogger)

  • Go to Settings >> Formatting >> Post Template
  • In text box there add following codes as it is!


venky June 9, 2007

Is this legal as per google adsense or it crosses the terms of violation..Can u mail me please..

Rahul Bansal June 9, 2007

Its 100% Legal Venky!
We are not modifying Adsense Code!
Moreover ad units getting placed on new lines!
Still to assure u further, I am using this from more than 2 months and believe me my earning increased twofold ๐Ÿ™‚

namrata July 9, 2007

is this legal as per google norms please inform me …

Rahul Bansal July 9, 2007

It has to be 100% legal! Actually there is one line on adsense policy page which says we can not …change the behavior, targeting, or delivery of ads… but on the other hand Google itself provided help for section targeting!

The problem with program policies is that they are never exhaustive! But I am using it here as well as used earlier on blogspot blog and I never received any notice from adsense!

The whole goal of contextual advertising is to show relevant ads and thats why Google want us to use section targeting!

Anyway technically speaking whether you use automatic method described above or follow mechanical way as suggested by Google the final output will be same and can not be differentiated by anyone including GOOGLE! ๐Ÿ™‚

by the way will start a talk on this issue with adsense team but chances of any useful reply are bleak!

Bharat July 9, 2007

Hello… I m using blogspot…
Nice trick but I can find in the edit place….
What i can see is

I tried dis…

But it cant be saved…

Pls advice the next step…

Thnx in advance…


Rahul Bansal July 9, 2007

Bharat, I guess something is missing from ur comment! Please crosscheck wat u hv written! ๐Ÿ™‚

anonymous July 18, 2007

will it act on my existing posts also if i do it the first way i.e adding in the “post template”?

and second, i don’t find any thing like in my template HTML.

Any help is highly appreciated .


Rahul Bansal July 22, 2007

Well if you have small number of posts you can manually edit HTML of each post separately!
For each post….
1. Select “edit HTML” option
2. Add <!โ€œ google_ad_section_start โ€œ> before first line
3. Add <!โ€œ google_ad_section_end โ€œ> after last line.

Also give me your blogs URL so that I can figure out where did u stuck! I advise you to go for AUTOMATED section targeting as it pays more in long run! ๐Ÿ™‚

BHARAT KARNANI July 22, 2007

Thnx for d tips Rahul… I have done dat…
My blog url is


Pls comment… My Adsense account is even slower den a snail… :-p

Not much traffic too… Any tips for dat ?

Take Care


Rahul Bansal July 30, 2007

Well the evergreen key to high traffic is GOOD CONTENT and frequent postings…

There are other factors like good design, great support and tricks like SEO and link exchange.

While in long run, nothing pays like Good Contents, I do optimize my blog for search engines.

I also had written a post on this topic…

Get higher Google pagerank by naming files and/or blog post titles optimally!

ammi June 3, 2012

sir how to increase the earning through google adsence program im using adsence from more than 2 years up to now i just got only 4$ in my account and i want to earn atleast 30$ a month plz help me mail me details

gaurav August 23, 2007

I’ve been using wordpress n i dont think it allows u to change the html coding of ur blog…u can only add some preset widgets….and change the css coding(after buying an upgrade)….
also i believe that wordpress doesn’t allow adsense at all.

Rahul Bansal August 24, 2007

You are write WordPress blogs hosted on wordpress forum don’t allow you to access source code of template!

Will try to find a solution and will let you know… Sorry for now ๐Ÿ™

gaurav August 23, 2007

here is mytemplate and i could not find “” anywhere….please help

[Admin Edit: Template Code removed]

Rahul Bansal August 24, 2007

Do not send template code like this! Mail me XML file of your exported template!

By the what you see on your dashboard! Template or Layout!

Above will work with Layout only!

Sorry for confusing between template and Layout but they are different! ๐Ÿ™

Vishnu January 11, 2008

Do you have any code for increasing fans?

Rahul Bansal January 14, 2008

NO. As of now. But in future please post your comment on relevant topic only! ๐Ÿ™‚

You can subscribe to my RSS feed or email alert to receive automatic updates in future!

alex samsoe February 6, 2008

hiii rahul,thanks for ur tips.but i still cannot understand.can you help me ?
here my blog url :


Rahul Bansal February 11, 2008

Sorry for late reply buddy…. ๐Ÿ™

Do u use blogger in beta or old blogspot template?

Also let me know what problem/error message you got…

prasanna April 23, 2008

very helpful information you have disclosed.Thank you for the same.

Rahul Bansal April 24, 2008

Your welcome buddy… ๐Ÿ™‚
Welcome To Devils Workshop! ๐Ÿ˜‰

jeevan June 16, 2008

hi rahul…good going….

recently my adsense account is disabled…i worked according to adense policies and terms but even then it is deleted and my monthly earnings are $300 only ….how could i get my account back…even i reissued it but they denied to re-activate my account ….

Rahul Bansal June 17, 2008

Jeevan, sorry to hear that man but once you get ban from adsense it becomes really hard to get back again…
By the way have you contacted adsense support with all possible details on the issue??

cyberfly June 23, 2008

hi..hi do u make the ads only appear in one post in main page like yours?i tried put the ads under post title but it appear in almost every post in my main i removed till got answer for this problem..

Rahul Bansal June 24, 2008

Buddy I am using wordpress and ads are shown once using PHP-codes.
I will first post PHP code I am using here on wordpress and will also try to figure out if similar thing can be done at blogger.
But I dont think on blogger we can do lots of things.. ๐Ÿ™

Gaurav June 25, 2008

Yea I tried to do same stuff but wasn’t successful. Blogger core hasn’t been updated since quite a time, and they should update it quickly to compete with other platforms.

Rahul Bansal June 25, 2008

I persoally believe you should always go for platform which allow more control and customization.
We can never estimate what mods we will need in future.
On wordpress, we get all the power and plus freedom to modify it at any level.
Thats why I swticted to wordpress long time back from blogger.

I also coded a wordpress-plugin so that people switching from blogger to wordpress will not loose their traffic and search engine ranking… ๐Ÿ™‚

lito July 30, 2008

it not working for me ……….

Rahul Bansal July 31, 2008

What problem you got?
There nothing so technical about this post…

Irfan August 4, 2008

This was just amazing, I tried this and its just rocks.


Rahul Bansal August 5, 2008

Your welcome buddy.. ๐Ÿ™‚

anuj December 12, 2008

This is my site URL

Adsense Ads Coming really strange see this pic


Deepak Jain December 13, 2008

Are you sure.. are those ads are by Google?

Rahul Bansal December 16, 2008

Please check again adsense codes in your template. You must have messed some special character like ‘<' or '>‘

Boris December 26, 2008

Hey guys. I need your help.

I have a blog with a lot of pre existing posts. Is there an adsense script that will automatically ad adsense code to pre-existing posts, after let’s say a predetermined amount of characters?

Thank you for your reply

Rahul Bansal December 29, 2008

Please let me know your blogs URL or your blogging platform.
I will definitely try to provide you with an option. ๐Ÿ™‚

anuj December 30, 2008

Thank You Very Much

Hitendra Tiwari June 12, 2009

Good Job Buddy, thanks for helping somebody

gr8 job work

tamil July 9, 2009

wow… nice trick.. thanks for sharing

Shiella August 12, 2009

Thank’s for your trick..

martinair1 August 28, 2009

the problem is google cant find my blog and its mistake on meta tags and feed.
please help !
best regards !

martinair1 August 29, 2009

hello ,
i need help !
my blog is NOT visual by google and yahoo
what must to change to work
please for you help step by step !
thank you !

martinair1 August 29, 2009

when i write some key words or my nickname and the full name on my blog the resultat is WE CANT FOUND ANY DOKUMENTS ! explain me why and what to do ,thank you !

Paul September 19, 2009

I couldn’t get the automated adsense to work. Do you have to ad the section targetting code? Help, please!

mehmet September 23, 2009

Thank you admฤฑn, good documerรผ

tamil October 27, 2009

thank you very much for these wonderful tips..

Prashant January 19, 2010

i want to ad google ads on my blog but the problem is that my blog is only 2 weeks old and gogle adsense is not approving my application.Please help me.How can i get my application aproved and how can i re apply for google adsense for my blog?

Deepak Jain January 19, 2010

@ Prashant
Adsense approval policies restricts bloggers to get adsense account prior to 6 months of starting the blog!
So keep blogging for few more months and then you can monetize it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Prashant January 19, 2010

After 6 months how can i remonitize my blog?In the monetize option it says apply with another adsense account

cheat point blank August 13, 2010

Iโ€™ve been using wordpress n i dont think it allows u to change the html coding of ur blogโ€ฆu can only add some preset widgetsโ€ฆ.and change the css coding(after buying an upgrade)โ€ฆ.
also i believe that wordpress doesnโ€™t allow adsense at all.

Dharmendra Kumar September 5, 2010

really nice idea. thanks a lot . i tried its useful

sethupathy September 14, 2010

i am tried number of times but adsense reject me. can u help me

hassan November 3, 2010

brother plz help my my adsense account dont improve so teach me account improval trick. plzzz

balaji November 25, 2010

plz tel what is this code changing any body of u iam waiting plzzzzzz
tell me please

Girish January 8, 2011

Hi Rahul,

How can i know that whether i am using blogger beta or blogspot.

my blog has both mentioned options like formatting-> post template

and also the expand widget template option… from that what shud i prefer?

pl advise

thanks & regards,


Dawin Miguel July 10, 2012

Sir, I started using adsense last year and got confused on how to really start using it.
How do I add ads on my blogs? Is it the same with inserting links on my posts?
Or the ads that I am looking for are on the sides of my blogs? Please enlighten me.

Thanks and more power!

priyesh January 19, 2013

nice but not working..

Ndistyo February 10, 2015

Very Interesting post, great Information ,..