Traffic Stats and Analysis of 2008

Year 2008, has been amazing year for Devils Workshop. It started with around 200,000 visitors count on sitemeter and out of the blue a thought crossed my mind – Can I make sitemeter counter cross 1 million visitor count!

Surprisingly, at the end of year we were very close to 1 million mark… 970,585! We fell short by just 30K or in positive words, 1 million mark will be crossed in second week of Jan, hopefully!

Considering little downtime and my own unavailability for around 2 months, I must say Devils Workshop met its traffic goal for 2008, and credit goes to our more than 20 co-bloggers, 3000+ readers and of course our more than 700,000+ visitors!

So its time to do in-depth analysis of traffic so that we can cater to right audience using right-platforms next year!

Total Traffic…

Below is graph of traffic for year 2008 tracked by sitemeter

Sitemeter Stats for Devils Workshop - Year 2008

Unique Visitors and Page Views

Devils Workshop received 744905 unique visitors in year 2008 according to sitemeter. Figures are slightly different as per Google Analytics which are 742,208 unique visitors and 1,339,403 page views.

Feed Subscribers

Devils Workshop had around 500 subscribers when year 2008 started. At the end of year, we have 3200+ subscribers in total from 3 feeds we offered at Devils Workshop. We do not track authors, categories and other feeds offered by WordPress and used by some readers.

Traffic Sources

Below is pie-chart displaying breakdown of traffic sources for entire year…

Traffic Sources for Devils Workshop in Year 2008

Google Search

Like most tech-blogs, Devils Workshop too gets maximum of its traffic via Google Search. Dear Google sent 498,144 visitors which made 67.12% of our total visitors! An acknowledgement for my SEO efforts! 😉


Although I stopped spending much time on social-bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUopn, etc, our one post reviewing Top 5 Torrent Search Engine, received a lot of love of love from StumbleUpon community making it #1 referral site for direct traffic. We received 26,078 visitors from StumbleUpon which is 3.51% of total visitors.

Other Referrals

Next comes where we host greasemonkey scripts developed by us, my old blog from where I still get consist traffic because of my own wordpress plugin developed to maintain permalinks while moving from blogger to wordpress, followed by Orkut which is our favorite topic for blogging!

Just for info, we love Orkut so much that we just launched a dedicated blog for Orkut – Orkut Diary!

Traffic Goals for 2009!

Last year, we almost met goals we haven’t setup seriously! Lets see what happens this year when we are seriously setting up goal to cross 3 million count for visitors and 10000 count for subscribers!

Well getting 2 million visitors seems easier than gaining 7000 subscribers. But with your support, we can hope to meet our goal! 🙂

By the way, use Google Analytics for must to track your traffic. No other free tracking service comes even close to Google Analytics!

Recommended: Check Orkut Diary – our newly launched blog for Orkut!


Gautam January 2, 2009

Just one thing to say… Your blog rocks!

And Orkut diary is nice
But theme needs Improvements

Pavan Kumar January 2, 2009

Great stats of a great blog. I love the thing going around at DW. Wishes for all…

Rahul Bansal January 3, 2009

@Gautam & @Pavan
Thanks guys for your encouraging comments. 🙂