Get old Google Doodles on your search page

Google started using Doodles on their search pages for some fun I guess. But this fun started to become a tradition of sorts and many times while on Google we wonder what is next?

Amongst all the Google Doodles there are a few which are my favorite ones. Like the one below from 2007 celebrating the 60th Independence day. I wish there was a way to get these doodles back on when I visit with my browser. Unfortunately the doodle comes with a expiry date as it is supposed to only celebrate something special on that particular day.

Convert Google Doodle Pacman into multi-Player Game

We just informed you about today’s Google doodle Pacman. Now here is a quick tip shared by Himanshu on getting lady Pacman into this game. Here is a quick post on converting your single player Pacman into Multi-player Pacman. You will be using keys ASDW to change directions. To get started with multi-player Pacman, hit On […]

The all new Google Doodle

Norman Rockwell’s birthday, the 3rd February is being celebrated by Google in their own way with an all new Google Doodle which is actually designed with Norman Rockwell’s painting. Many of you must have noticed the Google Search Engine homepage today. I also saw the same and rolled over the mouse on the Doodle and came to know of […]

Google celebrates Sir Isaac Newton’s Birthday; the new Google Doodle!!

Today when I logged in to the Google’s homepage, I noticed the logo with 5 apples and after a few seconds, I felt like some action when one of the apples dropped 🙂 I was amazed to see this and refreshed the page again to see it again. I was very curious why the apple dropped. […]