Yahoo Meme: Twitter like new Microblogging site

Since “Microblogging” websites like are gaining popularity day by day, Now Yahoo is also preparing to launch it’s a new “Microblogging” site by the name “Yahoo Meme”. Just like Twitter, Yahoo Meme is a site where you can share your messages, updates and pics (using twitpic in Twitter). But unlike twitter, it is also possible to share youtube videos and music which obviously turns out to be a advantage over similar options on net.You can also post comments below your shared content similar to Facebook.

Yahoo Meme is currently in it’s beta stage and is available for few users only (invitation basis). You may enter your E-Mail id here and Yahoo will send you an invitation for the beta version of Yahoo Meme. Yahoo Meme is basically a Micro-blogging website in Portuguese language which soon will be available for worldwide users in English.

Yahoo Meme and Twitter:

  • You can share your text, images, videos, music e.t.c in Meme while you just have an option of text sharing in Twitter.
  • No RT (ReTeweet) in Meme, rather you have “Repost” plus there’s an integrated widget to count your Reposts.
  • Video sharing option in Meme is from youtube only.And you have to use links for sharing mp3’s, you can’t upload them.
  • Meme doesn’t have an API, so no desktop or any other tool for now at least.
  • “Followers” same for both Meme and Tweeter.
  • No @Replies and DM (Direct Messages) in Meme like Twitter
  • 100 words description and a choice of avatar selection after creating a profile(in Meme).
  • Meme Doesn’t have a 140 characters word limit.

Check out the Yahoo Meme screen shot below.


So are you still in love with twitter or will definitely give a try to this new website???? 😉

LINK:Yahoo Meme


avinashsonee September 5, 2009

Hey Saurav, I am eager to try this out. It looks similar to Tumblr. Don’t you have an invite?

Aditya Kane September 5, 2009

Trying out Yahoo Meme, but still do love twitter 😉

sauravjit September 5, 2009


Nopes still waiting for an invitation, yeah it’s similar to Tumblr but looks like an advanced version of Twitter.


You got an invitation?

Aditya Kane September 5, 2009

nope looking for one.

Harsh Agrawal September 8, 2009

Meme is in Alpha mode and soon we can see beta and obviously API release. Once API will hit the market this will rock. I tried meme service and its amazing .. You can check how amazing meme looks on my meme profile (shameless promotion) 😉

sauravjit September 8, 2009


btw site is in beta stage and selected users are invited.

venkat September 8, 2009

yahoo meme complete copy of twitter can this be success time will tell.

sauravjit September 8, 2009


Yes, it’s seriously unpredictable….

Richie S September 16, 2009

Oh just got the invitaion, and God don’t I love it!!!!

Got a the ‘richie’ name as well!!