Google images search gets swanky!

Google Search is fast becoming a favorite place for internet users to look up images online. Often we bloggers use Google image search for looking up cool images. For some reason as all things Google, its image search layout of images is quite basic and functional. Seriously Google should have a cooler way of showing images.

Well Google has now introduced a new way to look at Google images. I must admit it is quite attractive. It is now only available on and not with

New Features of Google Image Search

  • Browsing can be done quickly with the keyboard to scroll up and down faster and as the images are a larger its easier to zone into what you might be really looking for.
  • Also a great feature is when you hover the mouse over an image it gets highlighted and slightly zoomed version of it shows up.
  • The great part is the you can keep scrolling downwards and it shows up to a 1000 images on the single page showing image results.
  • The landing page is also new. The image is highlighted with the webpage behind it giving a good idea of the webpage you are visiting.

This is quite a nifty feature and one of the best way to look up images online and is quite inline with YouTube’s leanback feature. It also is coolest way to look up images after the Cooliris extension with Chrome.

Do you use Google Image search? Do let us know about your views on this new feature through your comments.


Rockstar Sid July 22, 2010

No, no, no! I liked the older look of Google images. Dang! Seems like I am the only one hating these new features on the web.

I love the internet, don’t alter it, please.

Akshay July 22, 2010

it is a nice feature 🙂

santosh July 23, 2010

I think google copied this idea from bing’s image search.

Aditya Kane July 23, 2010

Yes it does resemble Bing image search a little bit. Maybe Google is giving Bing an compliment. 😛

Himanshu July 23, 2010

cool iris is damn good. but i’ll use this new feature. it is better.

Sourish | Iphone 4 Jailbreak July 23, 2010

wow , that looks interesting , but how to see it

Aditya Kane July 23, 2010

Just make sure you search for images from instead of which is default usually in India.

price in india July 24, 2010

I saw them today. Looks like they tried new things to beat BING image search. Still it is good. If you sharply notice Google is doing small changes every day and revert back with in few hours.

Gourav Jain July 25, 2010

The feature is pretty cool, allowing a better access. But the new feature makes the image search a little slower, whereas the previous version was much fast.

Re : Aditya – I want to rectify you on your last comment : The New Search feature is available to both and

Remedy for those who don’t like to have new feature with Google Image Search : Click on ” Switch to basic version ” at the bottom of the page !!

Aditya Kane July 25, 2010

I do not see the new feature on at the moment. I am sure they will make it available.

Gourav Jain July 25, 2010

Its there bro !!! Next time, I’ll reply with a screenshot

Aditya Kane July 25, 2010

No denying its there for you. But I cannot see it with with any browser including FF or Chrome.

Gourav Jain July 25, 2010

Here goes the link Aditya

Check it out :