Google Search for Hackers, Pirates and Klingons

Are you a hacker? If you are geek then chances are you have searched Google for hacking tools. Chances are most geeks do not end up being Hackers but only fantasizing about it. Code is very important to geeks who are programmers and Google is full of them.

To show their appreciation for the Geek community Google has come up with a Google Search specially for hackers. Just visit

This is like a easter egg with Google and in case you get inspired by Johnny Depp after watching Pirates of the Carribean then try using and it will display Google Search page with a pirate lingo.

Not, satisfied as yet? Want to be an alien from Star Trek called Klingon. Just visit for Google Search in this alien Klingon language from Star Trek.  

Another great Easter egg is just search for “find Chuck Norris” without the quotes and click on “I’m Feeling Lucky“. The answer is pretty hilarious.
(Note: This is not really a easter egg but a website created by someone else which shows results like Google would. Thanks to Avi for pointing that our in comments. 🙂 )

So do you like Google and its tribute to all things geek? Do let me know through your comments.


avi July 30, 2010

I already know about the chuck norris trick
but that answer is not by google some created that page that way to look like google search result

Aditya Kane July 30, 2010

Thanks for bring it up. I had not noticed that. 🙂

Ryan June 11, 2012

I would bet google bought and prepped that domain. There is no way it would hit the top search with out google’s push to the top. So YES Google did it.