[Infographic] Who will buy iPad 3 in the US?

In a couple of days, Apple will unviel the 3rd installment in their tablet series. There are many rumours about iPad 3 having no buttons and a increased size. All these rumours are just that, rumours. There are not really big scoops about iPad 3.

But iPad 2 was a extremely successful gadget and the next version will be expected to be very successful too. A couple of things point to the high probability of iPad 3 being a big success. Apple has a high retention rate of its customers. So a majority of iPad 2 users will want to upgrade to iPad3 and not any other tablet. Also a lot of non-iPad users might end up buying the device. Tablets today are more acceptable than say when iPad was first introduced to the world.

Here is a nice infographic by AYTM, that shows who exactly will end up buying iPad 3.

Some things have changed over the past two year about iPad. When the original iPad was released, Apple had not even officially acknowledged that they were releasing a tablet computer, though the web was full of rumors and expectations. This time the  7th March, 2012 event by Apple is pretty much exclusively about iPad 3.

Do drop in your comments and views about what your expect form iPad 3?

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