Google Allows Sharing “+1” Links to Google+ Circles

Google introduced its +1 button long before Google+ was unleashed to the world. With Google+, the +1 button made sense. It was now more or less a counterpart of Facebook’s “Like” button.

Google has announced a new feature called +Snippets, with which Google+ users can share snippets of the link with their Google+ Circles.


As you can see in the image above, soon people will be able to start sharing on Google+, a link which they recommend using the +1 button. The big advantage over Facebook’s ‘Like’ feature is that the person sharing the link does not need to visit a pop-up page and all the sharing , adding comments, managing which circle can view the link is done without ever leaving the page. 🙂

This will in effect integrate +1 with Google+ completely, thus allowing the Google+ social network to make sharing links a lot more easier.

This feature is not available for everyone now, but you can start using it by registering here.

This is a new addition by Google on Google+ and follows the popular ‘Games’ feature on Google+. What are your views on sharing +1 Snippets on Google+ Circles? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Google+ Platform Preview