Cooliris New 3D Album Viewer

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Yesterday while visiting for the news I came across a very interesting and new type of Gallery which is “cooliris”. As a web developer I had used many types of jquery gallery for album viewing web pages but this type of gallery I find the most interesting one with many features of displaying news, Games and videos in three dimension(3-D)that you may have never seen till now. The Gallery can also display the locally placed album. The website for cooliris is providing very interesting features of searching based on different – 2 categories like Entertainment, Music, News, Games etc. that I will be explaining.

First of all to experience this gallery one would need to install the cooliris plug-in by clicking here. By clicking free download. It starts installing with steps on the right side to compete installation of cooliris gallery. Once you are finished installing cooliris you can start using it after restarting your browser.

The first page you will see the home page of gallery viewing. In this you will see different -2 categories

cooliris homepage

Like Home, Featured, Favorites, Your Computer, TV and Cinemas, Entertainment, Music, News, Games on the right side above.

You can switch to any category by clicking on it. The blue cursor in the down middle can act as mouse to move the gallery.

By clicking on TV and Cinemas-> Documentaries. You will see videos automatic searched from mainly YouTube then categorized from discovery channel, National Geography etc documentaries.


And after clicking on of picture you will see video running after slowly maximizing effect.

Video Displaying

By clicking on Your Computer and after selecting the folder you will see your locally placed images in that cooliris view.

Local placed album

The 3 Dimension view is like

3d1 view

In the news section you will see just picture but after clicking on any picture you will see how that picture is changing into news with very charming way and the news will automatically be searched from around many well known websites like, etc.

Let me know how you liked this article by commenting and let us know there are more interesting album if anyone have seen.

One Comment

TechGyo May 22, 2010

I was amazed when it launched first but when I started using it crashes all time. So I don’t use it anymore and many have the same issue