Google Voice is now available to everyone in the US

Google Voice will not be available to everyone with a Google account unlike before when it was available to only limited users. This is at the moment only limited to US users and not all over the world.

This apart for giving headaches to Skype and other similar services will also help a lot of Google account owners especially if they are looking for alternatives for Skype.

Google Voice is a service which will allow users to receive calls on their landlines, cellphones and computer with one single Google Voice number.

What is more amazing is that someone using Google Voice can check voice messages along with check text transcripts on a mobile phone and reply with a text message.

If thinking out of the box is Google’s forte then with Google Voice they are way out of the box. Similar services do exist but as Android is getting more popular Google Voice might just be the next big success for Google. Skype would have to watch out here.

Would you want to move over to Google Voice instead of Skype? Do let me know through your comments.

Below is a video explaining Google Voice.

Link: Google Voice | Google Voice Blog

One Comment

Sahil June 24, 2010

i am eagerly waiting for the launch of google voice since its launch ..
hope to see it in india soon …