Google’s Most Powerful Advertisement for Google+

Google+ has a bit of a mini-crises. It is mainly created by its invite only strategy for Google+, which did raise a lot of initial interest but with time, people tend to lose interest. After all Google+ wants to be a great product and not just a trend.

Surely, Google+ needed a big push to get more people signing up and they have done this with an amazing advertisement, which no one who uses Google search will miss.


Basically, every time someone visits the Google homepage, they will be shown a big arrow pointing towards signing up for a Google + account (as seen in the image above).

Facebook might have 600 million regular users but Google search page has probably around a billion visitors atleast if not more. That means this could suddenly see millions joining Google+, obviously increasing its popularity.

Google+ vs Facebook: Real Fight Begins

Google Plus has received a lot of publicity, it got a lot of praise but it was mainly a by invitation only product. We could compare privacy features and layouts between the two products but now since Google+ is an open to all product, the real fight with Facebook will begin.

By the way Facebook will have its F8 conference tomorrow – it will surely announce something new and exciting. We will have to wait and watch.

Will Google+ manage to end the dominance of Facebook? Do drop in your views and comments.

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