Google’s Stock Android Keyboard Available as an App on Google Play

Android being an open source ecosystem, there are many apps available to suit the users’ needs. There are many top keyboards available on Google Play. SwiftKey and Swype are the top two Android keyboards that everyone love. If you are a Nexus user or a Nexus devotee, you know pretty well that the stock Android keyboard from Google is also a great choice.


Image Credit : Google Keyboard on Google Play

Unfortunately till yesterday, the stock Android keyboard was limited only to the Nexus users. But from today, every Android user running 4.0+ can get the stock Android keyboard from Google Play and install it on their device. According to the latest reports, this new stock Android keyboard app is available only to the English speaking users right now. The other countries like India don’t have this update yet. Google assures that it’ll be brought soon.

The stock Android keyboard boasts of some of the great features like Gesture Typing, Google voice typing, Next-word suggestions and current-word completions. This Google keyboard has dictionaries for 26 languages and has various keyboard layouts. Works perfect on your tablets too.

This new update is similar to the stock Google Calendar app for Android devices that was introduced last year.

Link: Google Keyboard


Mitesh soni June 10, 2013

I don’t think that it will be able to beat swift key.
as even many free keyboards which are giving features like this keyboard is having are not able to beat swift key.

Aditya Kane June 13, 2013

@Mitesh: Though I personally like using Swift key but I think a free app will almost always win over a paid one if it matches up to some extent.

Arun Sathiya June 13, 2013

Definitely, Aditya. But the thing is that SwiftKey has many amazing features and predicts the next work perfectly. Stock keyboard still needs many developments. Till then, a paid app remains the champ. And if you didn’t know, there are millions of users who are ready to shell out $2 on such interesting apps.