Import iPhoto, Screenshot Sharing in Latest Dropbox Experimental Build

Dropbox has announced the latest experimental build 2.3.12. This experimental build brings in an option to import photos from iPhoto, share screenshot by just tapping the Print Screen button on the keyboard and an option to move non-Dropbox files and folders to Dropbox with just a click.

The Import from iPhoto scans for photos and events in your library and shows up on the system notification tray. With few clicks, you can upload them easily to your Dropbox folder as viewable albums. Of course, you can share these albums with your friends on the web. Note that this import feature is available only for iPhoto 7.0 and higher.

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Screenshot sharing is the best update in this new build. You can enable this feature in the Import tab in Dropbox settings. It is enabled by default once you download and install the latest experimental build. Once done, all the screenshots that you take with the Print Screen button are saved to /Screenshots directory inside Dropbox folder.

Ctrl + Print Screen combo will take the screenshot, upload it to the folder and also copy the screenshot’s unique Dropbox URL to the clipboard. You can easily share this link with others on the web now. The key combo is Cmd + Shift + 3 or 4 in the case of OS X.

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Another notable update is Move to Dropbox option in the right click context menu. You can now right click any folder or file on your computer and it will be moved to Dropbox folder. Not copied.

You can get this experimental build right now on your computer by downloading the file from the Dropbox Forums. There is a file for the Linux users too, but it doesn’t bring much updates.

Link: Dropbox Experimental Build

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