List of 5 Websites to Post more than 140 Characters in Twitter

In previous article about twitter I have explained about the Importance of Twitter Search with a case study. In this article I am going to frame the list of 5 Web Sites that are offering us to post more than 140 Characters in Twitter. Isn’t it great to post more than 140 characters in Twitter.

Normally, we are allowed to post just 140 characters, So we need to minimize our content as much as possible such that it should be understandable and also should reach our readers as well as our friends. It’s bit tough job to frame the text within 140 characters, right!

So I have Listed the 5 web services that helps you to post more than 140 characters in your Twitter tweet box.

  1. Maxi Tweet
  2. Twuit
  3. XL Tweet
  4. Tiny Paste
  5. Twitter Contd

Maxi  Tweet : Feel free to use maxitweet as much as you like – for business, re-tweeting, information sharing and fun. You are allowed to enter upto 200 characters in the Tweet box at Twitter. Using Code XX5: tweet up to 500 characters – in code.

Twuit : provides you the provision to enter more 140 characters to Twitter, no text limit. The long message will be divided into 2 or more short tweets. You can also convert the tweet into any language, because this service provides you with the Language Translator tool.

XL Tweet : Post the tweet then XLTweet will tweet the first 120 chars, create a short URL, then save the rest on your own XLTweet page. In order to integrate this tweet with Twitter you need to enter your Twitter Username and password.

Tiny Paste : TinyPaste is almost similar like TinyURL. TinyURL able to turn the long URL into short one, where-as TinyPaste is able to turn long text into an URL. You can also earn money with this, if you connect this account with your paypal account than, you will earn 0.005$ for every unique visit.

Twitter Contd : Twitter Contd gives you more than 140 characters. You can post upto 1250 characters, upload photos to TwitPic, Shorten URLs, Top Current Twitter Trends in Flash Tag Cloud.


Siddhu March 23, 2010

Nice post bro… I really hate the character limit…

sidduz March 23, 2010

Ty mate! Yup Me too, hate the character limit.

DownloadActive March 23, 2010

No more 140 character restriction on Twitter. Nice share!

sidduz March 24, 2010

Ty mate!! Glad u liked it

TinyPost April 7, 2010

There’s also TinyPost (