Grasp the Importance of Twitter Search to Drive Traffic to your Website

Grasp the Importance of Twitter Search by searching twitter for tweets sent to and from a twitter username, including getting results for exact keywords. Using Twitter Search not through the ordinary Twitter profile page, you can increase your visibility and popularity that which drives a great traffic for your Website/Blog with some tips.

“Twitter” is the word that doesn’t need any introduction or initiation. It is the keyword that has been the most searched word for the year 2009. Now a days many people know about the Twitter and its importance.

Twitter is the best platform for many aspects Social Networking, Business, Marketing, Promoting etc. I have been worried that many people know about Twitter but a very few know about Twitter search. Even I was ignorant of it’s importance until I came to experience its impact.

I will strongly recommend you to depend on the Twitter Search rather than Twitter if you are a Twitter Freak or Twitter devotee.

But folks, Twitter Search is a Holy place where you can find conversations on anything and everything. Twitter Search in realtime helps us to find what the world is doing right now. This is the best place for you to listen to people, help, engage, suggest and support at relevant places.

It’s through the Twitter Search not through the ordinary Twitter, you can increase your visibility and popularity that which drives a great traffic for your Website/Blog, and it also even creates a certain community of reader for you too.

I thought of a few things that can help you get started with Twitter Search

#1. Performing the Simple Search :

  • Type to Key-word that you want to search, you will find the tweets resembling to the given key-word.
  • This can be better explained with an example : Type Blog, it will give all the tweets that are related the word Blog.

#2. To Find the Exact Results of the Given Key-word :

  • In-order to get the exact results just type “Key-word” in double quotes.
  • Lets us try with the same above example : Type “Blog”, it will give the tweets that are exactly having word “Blog” in the tweet.

#3. Search Tweets of a Twitter User :

  • Using this you can also search the tweets of a specific person by just typing from:twitter-username, so that you can find the tweets of the person whom you are searching for.
  • Lets check it out with an example : Type from:devils_workshop, it will give tweets(latest) of devils_workshop. (Issue here that might arise is if you are offline in twitter this may not work and the result will be “no results from:twitter-username”. Then you are going to lose a great chance of driving the traffic into your website)

#4. Search the Tweets given to the Twitter User :

  • With this you can find the tweets given to a specific person by just typing to:twitter-username which gives @replies sent by the other user to a specified user.
  • Lets Check it out with an example : Type to:devils_workshop, it will give the tweets received by devils_workshop from the other users.

Do try out these searches with Twitter Search and let me know your thoughts with your comments.


sajitharamod March 7, 2010

Twitter Search is very useful for me whenever I go for a Breaking News updates.

sidduz March 7, 2010

yup its really a great advantage with Twitter Search.

sidduz March 7, 2010

Ty. Its a Goldmine mate. Must Check it out.

Wordpress Tutorials March 8, 2010

These days when ever any breaking news happens.. I use twitter search to digg down more info.. because that’s the best way to find the real story about anything..
Nice info Sidduz

sidduz March 19, 2010

ty mate 🙂

Shyam Kapur March 13, 2010

This is a good post. There are now even better search services available that give you all you need to know in a nicely organized fashion. My favorite is TipTop. It takes some to understand all its features but it is well worth the effort.

sidduz March 22, 2010

Yup Shyam now presently TipTop is rocking its way, proved to be providing the better services than Twitter Search.

Krish March 22, 2010

great stuff..
I must say..u r very talented..and an experienced too..

sidduz June 8, 2010

Thnx a lott Krish 🙂