Hacking: Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc – The Facts

Update: Please read this post entirely before asking for virtual software for hacking passwords! I just deleted 86 comments and tired of deleting similar kind of email and scraps. You may find first 8 comments confusing as they are referring to deleted 86 comments which were in between them. (April 9, 2007)

If you ever read something like below on any webpage typically blog, forum & orkut community or get a mail like…Hey guys,
I have software to hack yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc. passwords. If you are interested then give me your email id’s and I will email you that!

Ever wondered about truth?? Is it so simple?
Yes… but for spammers! Still you can put your email id’s below (may be in comment section) and help me to get some money by selling them to spammers! Yep, its that much simple for spammers!

So do you still think the person sending you this mail have such kind of software and just did not respond to your email!
Do you still think such software exists that will ask for your targets email id and just after one click will show his/her password!?!

In reality even if you physically brake into yahoo, gmail or any genuine service’s database, you will at the most get a garbage encrypted string. All famous services use one-way encryption for storing password in encrypted form. That means you can not get original password from this encrypted string!

Still if you are confused whether to trust me or spammers then as my last attempt to save you from spammer recall last time when you forgot your password. After going through verification steps did you get your password back or a chance to set a new password? In my experience with Yahoo at least I got a new random password by them which I can change to something comfortable string later-on if I wish!

So why did not they give me my original password? There are many reasons and as I told u earlier that they don’t store original password is one of those reasons!

So does this means you can not break into someones account?
Yeah you can, but it depends on your targets foolishness rather than your geekness. There are many tricks to do this, even some of them I tried successfully!

As this post getting long I may share those trick next time!

Till then have this hint : Don’t target the server, instead set up trap for your target! Servers are genius, targets may not be!!!


Harsha7 September 16, 2006

can we trust UUU

Ashish October 19, 2006

do u guys read what rahul said…. there is no such passworc cracker… it is just spammers who give ur email for a bit of money…. read before u say anything

sophomores February 7, 2007

I thnk evrybdy here hs gt insane …..
Ths whole comment box is pack’d wid liers

Do they even read wht u wrote?? I jst wonders wht imaginary softwares they r talkng abt,whtever it iz hpe dey learn d harder way when its shoved in their ‘S’s .

Newyz dude Thnx 4 d article.It waz really amazing.
Hey i wanna learn every rule of this virtual world…..So keep the good works going

p.s. Hey i once break in2 a chat buddies account ,it waz more of a lucky shot .She was a starwar geek.So i gve it a shot as password hehe.Work’d like a charm 😀

Mayank February 23, 2007


this contains a file tat fools the users tat its the real msgr.
n they type their pswd in it which gets stored in a txt file..
only u noe tat its fake….. however its not a msgr so it doesn’t work as a msgr………
go 2 a cybercafe n replace it with the shortcut to the real msgr…..
weekly go n check the pswds. enjoy

iblogg February 26, 2007

hey can u hack into youtube????? i got a friend to try it for me…….but it just didnt work

Anonymous April 1, 2007

lol….hindustan ki janta itni bewakoof hai…
english bhi nahi samajh aati….
hey rahul dun u feel like laughin out loud on thessee posts…

Anonymous April 5, 2007

is it really possible????
I DOn’t Think So??

Rahul Bansal April 9, 2007

Choice is yours! Its about your security afterall.

Thanks ashish for encouraging words! Words like these keeps me going on! 🙂

It is not something yahoo password cracker!
Its more depend on users foolishness rather than hacking yahoo!

What do u mean by hacking YouTube? if u mean downloading videos from YouTube then its here!

Of Course nothing is impossible in this world! 🙂

Rohit June 3, 2007

hello guys
every thing is possible in this world!!!!!

I dont kno exactly about Rahul
but hacking is really an intresting & risky game

I m saying this coz we can do this n I hv seen this tht how easily yahoo ID get crack
n there r manny such softwares

abhi June 17, 2007

hey can u name sum s/w yaar…..

abhi June 17, 2007

yaa mine2 yaar ….
[email protected]

Rahul Bansal June 3, 2007

Thats great Rohit that u got some tools!
Why dont u mail me my password then so I can delete this post! 😀
My yahoo id is: rahulb286

VAsu June 29, 2007

That’s a cool post….thanx for ur efforts..

Rahul Bansal June 29, 2007

Ur welcome buddy!
Welcome 2 Devils Workshop! 😉

sujay July 6, 2007

heyy plss send me d hacking software my yahoo id is [email protected]

shaik July 4, 2007

hey plz email me the software at [email protected]

Rahul Bansal July 4, 2007

There is no such software.
Next time read entire post before posting such stupid requests! :X

Hitesh July 11, 2007

Hey plz send the software on this id [email protected]

Waiting for it…

Richyguy July 16, 2007

Hey please let me know how o crack password of any orkut account. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

kirk August 8, 2007

hey cld u pls help me hack a yahoo id…

sidarth September 14, 2007

[email protected] mail me the sofware bro

Nachiketa September 23, 2007

hey… mt email id is [email protected] … CAn u plese sed me that software…


sagar January 13, 2008

Hi rahul i am intrested for this software ,my email is: [email protected]. can u send me plz this software ,thanx in advance.

Rahul Bansal January 14, 2008

@To ALL who needs software
Read above post and find name of software you want. I will surely mail you that! 🙂

Rahul January 15, 2008

Hey Rahul
evn my name is RAHUL
can u plz send me the software through which i can hack password of anyone’s Email id

i garuntee you that i wil not misuse it
i have to just treat a lesson to one of my girl friend

my email id [email protected]

sauravjit singh March 4, 2008

this is a fake account on orkut copied my whole profile!!!!
please help me!!!!

mirza March 6, 2008

sir i want to hack a yahoo id, kindly can u hepl me.

aman March 10, 2008

i want to know how to hack hotmail nd yahoo id

@ft3rbuRn April 10, 2008

The most incredible fact ever, nobody ever learns. And to top it off, nobody ever reads even! The world is getting gullible by the day… I couldn’t help but post this when I read the comments.

Rahul Bansal April 10, 2008

You are right buddy!
In fact I get almost 8-10 spam comments on this post everyday. They discourage me from writing on this issue anymore 🙁

Rajesh Uttam June 16, 2008

How many email can we send out at one time through yahoo mail?

Rahul Bansal June 17, 2008

As per my last update… It was 500 emails per day.
If you send same mail to 100 users at once it will be calculated as 100 emails.
I will try to find official yahoo page regarding info and update you soon with it… 🙂

Quakeboy June 17, 2008

This article is an eye opener !!
Well done Rahul…

Rahul Bansal June 17, 2008

Thanks buddy… After long time someone got my point 🙂
N yeah its really nice suggestion… I will try to act on it… 🙂

Quakeboy June 17, 2008

I read your recent India times article and got this page. Why don’t you place a link for this on the sidebar permanently..

“Real Truth about hacking passwords”

Praveen July 10, 2008

@Rahul – You write for India Times? (Ref:Quakeboy) Cool man, you never told us before!

Quakeboy July 10, 2008

@Praveen No Buddy. Its about Indiatimes site password security in DW itself 🙂
But what you said will happen very soon. 😉

Rahul Bansal July 10, 2008

Praveen & Quakeboy
Lolz… I won’t mind if they ask me! 😉

Pankaj July 12, 2008

Keep it up rahul…. tat gr8.. info n i’m happy to see tat… u have posted such a good article on this topic….. coz 90% of post on this topic are just grabage are they just for their own benefit…….

for ex. getting password by sending a mail.. in which we need type som script then victim ID then our ID then OUR PASSWORD….etc lolzzzzzzzz….i just feel like laughing after reading those posts and feel sorry for peoples those who blindly follow it…….. lolzzzzzzz 😉

Pankaj July 12, 2008

There is no SCRIPT no SUPER PROGRAM available till date which can provide you password by just accepting the ID of the victim….. BELIEVE US……….. Don’t act like small kids……..

and if you are searching for any such Software/Program/Script then you are just wasting you presious time… It just like searching for a paper pin to fight with an Elephant….. lolzzzz

Praveen July 15, 2008

@Quakeboy – Ya, I guess he will be asked to post stuff in their site in sometime in the near future! All the very best Rahul! 😉

Rahul Bansal July 20, 2008

Thanks for your comment buddy… 🙂

Thanks for your wishes buddy… 🙂

nitish August 4, 2008

hey rahul hi this is nitish…….
ya man u r right some peoples are sending their email id ,password and other’s email ID……
but u know one thind every person learn by the mistake
most of the persons don’t know abt this thing…….
they just need to crack the password by either way or by or way……..

Rahul Bansal August 5, 2008

I feel sorry for those. 🙁
My job is to bring facts to people’s attention.

Rajesh August 13, 2008

hai rahul!
thnkx for ur research!
i agree with u tht there is no such s/w!

i just want to know da otherways

Rahul Bansal August 15, 2008

Thanks for your interest but I refrain from posting other ways as they are misused more often.

Amal December 15, 2008

thanks 4 the info dude…..

Rahul Bansal December 16, 2008

Your welcome buddy…. 🙂

Dhruv March 26, 2009

Thank you brother… keep going… u r doing a good work..

Abhinav April 23, 2009

hi dude……!! U r really amazing..I am new 2 this hacking,..So, could u give me more information on it

preeti September 19, 2009

hi i need this becoz i forget my two email id password i have lots of data in that thats why its important me to recover the password of that. so plzzzzzzzzzz do needful and forward me this software, even demo will also do. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz send as soon as possible

C P September 23, 2009

Hey , Bro cn Yuh Send meh..the html script to hack orkut profiles..!!

Shishil Christian October 4, 2009

actually hacking yahoo,hotmial,n all r possible….. Actually i had a steam account that was hacked along with yahoo by a hacker named oussama zeber….u can find him on facebook…..he hacks my yahoo in just 5mins!!!!!
rahul plz send me somthing to tackle him….plz need help!!!!

Ajay October 8, 2009

Your are doing a great job Rahul..Keep it up…Any progress on “reading locked orkut scraps and albums”…I am really waiting for it…Do let me know if we stand a chance on that..you can also mail me..

milan October 12, 2009

hiiiiiii rahul,i would like to have that software of hacking yahoo,gmail,etc.

ratifying obliqueer February 19, 2010

Hi rahul, i think hacking is a very interesting thing to do in the internet it gives you pride. Well, my question is different from your post pls bare with me. My friend, and clasmate back at high school posted in a social site of her wearing a tback. I don’t know what came to her mind and she posted it in a public settings. She is worried that it might be uploaded to another site. So my question is; is there anyway to stop such actions? or can the people who have taken the picture can profit from it? thank you hope to read your answer thanks

abhishek January 7, 2011

plese give me that software thank u.

Amrish April 22, 2011

100% agrees with rahul, still people are cheated due to lack of awareness. only way to steal a password by key loggers or sniffing the packet and it would take years to decode it. and stuffs like hacking the mail servers are bullshit.

Anudeep July 29, 2011

Servers are genius, targets may not be!!! 😉