ORKUT: Most Awaited GreaseMonkey Scripts!

Hey pals…
presenting you the most awaited GreaseMonkey Scripts…
These scripts require FireFox and GreaseMonkey so first check out last section of this post if you don’t have them!

1. ScrapDeleter

Important Update: Use updated Orkut Scrapbook Deleter script which is also 30 times faster with no side effects! 🙂

2. Send One Scarp to all your friends
Important Update: Use new Scrap All Friends with Single Click Script which supports images, audio, video, HTML, etc in scraps!

3. Delete Multiple Message (Not scraps) (Install Now)
As part of code change, orkut does not provide now feature to delete multiple messages from message page. Here again GreaseMonkey Script comes to rescue for Orkutians.
4. Some Donuts For You! (Install Now)
Tired of “Bad, bad server. No donut for you…” message. This script automatically refresh the page showing this error. Give it a try! It can be useful for other scripts too!

Preparing For Installation:
1. Download FireFox if you don’t have it!
2. Install GreaseMonkey extension for FireFox.
3. Close all FireFox windows and restart FireFox.
4. Now you are ready to install any GreaseMonkey Script you like!

Credits: Some scripts are by Vijay Bhaskar!


Anonymous September 19, 2006

hey man can i used scrap flodding for my friends scrap book

i can flood to any one scrap book or it is for my self only

Anonymous September 19, 2006

hey man can do that can i send one scrap to all the members of the community or not

plz can u reply me at [email protected]

Siddharth September 19, 2006

one suggestion…could you change this script a bit so that i can scrap ,say, all the comminty members in one go…or to the friend list of any other person?…i would appreciate if you reply me back at [email protected]

Rahul Bansal September 20, 2006

u can use flooder with any persons scrapbook, provided he/she is ur friend already!

Currently this facility is not there! Still sounds nice, so will consider about implementing it soon! 🙂

Siddharth Patel August 2, 2010

Hey! thanx for the scripts…
Can u give the script 2 see the visitors of our profile or page in facebook?

Vijay Bhaskar September 20, 2006

The only problem with implementing it for community users is that if any member of the community is not your friend, orkut will ask for captcha validation. That won’t be a nice idea of what we really want is a ‘completely automated’ solution.

ameycooltips October 13, 2006

hey can u tell me how to use send msj to all i am not getting the idea

Anonymous November 13, 2006

Actually what is meant by scrap flooding? im too using orkut. so wanna be clear in it..

Murali Krishna December 19, 2006

hi man i need a small help…Can we see other peoples Todays Fortune
which comes in our Profile coz one of my friend is saying all peoples Fortune and he is not saying how is finding it. please help me if u know about it

Sharath A.V January 13, 2007

Hi, Thanks for sharing! After reading it, I wrote a “Auto Spam Deleter” greasemonkey script to detect and delete spam messages from orkut communities. Check it out in my blog at:
Its a great time-saver for all orkut community owners and moderators.

You might like to include a link to my blog here as well.

Rahul Bansal March 18, 2007

Its really nice comment! captcha wil really pose problem! 🙁

Read this post! Its better solution!
Remember u need firefox as well as greasemonkey before going ahead!

Scrapbook flooding means sending one scrap multiple time! Submit once and scrap wil go 100’s of time!

I dont think u can! Anyway please gimme details so we can try something!

Thanks for nice script! 🙂

Anonymous May 24, 2007

Need Urgent Help
Is there any method to delete someone other reply of a topic in a communty. as i am not a moderator i m just a member but somebody have written something bad abt me & i m very upset..
Guys help me out.
As the person replied there is anonymous & also i m not a moderator so i cant delete it

Rahul Bansal May 30, 2007

Whatever happened with you normally happens when you use some script on orkut EXCESSIVELY! You get banned by orkut itself! Normally first they limit your access to orkut like blocking you from sending scrap!
Buts its very unlikely that scrap deleter script can be a reason!
By the way there is no solution except WAIT-N-WATCH! I hope by this time ur problem has been corrected automatically as these are temporary problems!
In any case take back up of your account! (It may get deleted) 🙁

Anonymous May 30, 2007

hey plz help me out
i used dis scrap deleter script to delete my scrpas..it deleted to sm extent bt aftr that bug came saying “Page not found

We’re sorry, but there is no orkut.com Web page matching your entry. It is possible that you typed the address incorrectly, or that the page no longer exists.”
and nw i m nt able to do do nething on orkut wen i login ike cant scrap a frnd,cant edit,cat post..everytime same error comes..dw to deal wid it!!
plz help me out
my email add “[email protected]

Sam November 28, 2007

hey guys how are you??
i am here to know about any technique which can be use to send scraps to a person who is your friend but he/she is blocking you in the orkut. so any one has any idea how to send scraps to a persong who is blocking you.

hope you would have tirick for that ! ok i am waiting !
bye guys i am waiting for your response !
bye !

Rahul Bansal December 5, 2007

Sam there is a prob…
First u r not supposed to send scrap to a person who blocked you!
So it will be a really BIG HACK if u do that somehow!
Then if someone post such big hack on internet then that will be corrected within hours so again you will not be able to send scrap to a person who is blocking you..! 🙁

Tom Xander January 24, 2008

Hey there. thanX for the scripts. But hi am having a problem with one scrap a friend sent me. I am not able to delete it and moreover when i select it and click delete, the screen goes back to the Orkut login page. I tried one suggestion by a friendto not use orkut for 5-8 hrs as there is a javascript void thingy or something. Please, please help me. I would be very greatful if you did. Thanks.

Rahul Bansal January 24, 2008

I am aware of your problem Tom. I have posted its solution here! 🙂

gayatri February 4, 2008


i cant scrap,update nor cant add any frnds in orkut due to javascript void() problem

plz giv me some solutions

Rahul Bansal February 11, 2008

Sorry for late reply… 🙁
Now can you tell me about your problem in more detail?

Did you use any flooder, scrap all or any other script??

target February 20, 2008

a small help plz..
how can i add an orkut member automatically to my friend list without his/her approval?


Rahul Bansal February 23, 2008

Not possible buddy… Sorry for negative answer but if we find anything in feature we will surely put that on our blog!

You may subscribe to my RSS feed or email alert to receive automatic updates regarding this and other hacks in future!

vj March 29, 2008

i cannot scrap on orkut due to ths javascript void(0)thng…
can u pls temme the solution???

Rahul Bansal March 29, 2008

I guess you used some script like scrap all knowingly or unknowingly…
So your account gets blocked for 8-10 hours.
Noting much to worry… Just be careful next time. 🙂

Praveen March 29, 2008

I think the Scrap All script isnt working effectively anymore… It doesnt seem to be scrapping more than 10 friends! I guess that so-called-280 scrap limit per hour, has come down to a max of 10scraps per minute…

Rahul Bansal March 30, 2008

Haven’t use it for a while so will have to test it before I can say anything!

SAYAM May 20, 2008

OOOooOOooosam tricks i like it but i am not abel to chane my orkut back groung plea tell me how can i change it ????

Rahul Bansal May 23, 2008

Background changing scripts are not working as of now.
I will find latest tricks and upload them soon 🙂

You may subscribe to my RSS feed or email alert to receive automatic updates in future. 🙂

Mams May 27, 2008

I am facing the javascript void error on orkut

I changed the settings as suggested by you

However, am unable to scrap – facing this prob1em since 15 days

P1ease he1p



Rahul Bansal May 27, 2008

Did you use any flooder, scrap all, album unlock or any other script??
Or copy-pasted some code into your browsers address bar??

ozzy June 2, 2008

is der any solution for java void(0) thing ??

I cannt delet my scraps as well i cannt send a scrap …

Rahul Bansal June 3, 2008

I know about your problem very well.
Solution is already posted here… 🙂

Mamtha January 6, 2009


Am facing a problem with Orkut – unable to scrap. Had a similar problem earlier, the problem had resolved after I changed the password. This time the problem stil persists.

Please advise.



Rahul Bansal January 7, 2009

Are you using some greasemonkey script or any other third party tool on Orkut?

Shaani January 14, 2009

I used your “automatically confirm friend request” script, now whenever I try to add someone as my friend, the page automatically resets with the friend invitation being sent without my consent, what is it!

krishna January 16, 2009

i kept some privcy settings that only my friends can scrape mee.
but still some people are able to post me scraps though they r not in my friends list..
i would like to view scraps to those who r my friends and they should be viewed only the scraps they send to me but not the scraps send by all others can u please suggest me the solution for this. iam facing lots of probles due to this… so please sir give me a solutions about this as soon as possible..

Rahul Bansal January 20, 2009

Settings u r asking are not possible with current Orkut privacy options. 🙁

tulika January 24, 2009

i have some problem in orkut…some error is showing…javascript;void(0); what is this??????

Rahul Bansal January 26, 2009

That error comes, when you use some flooder or scrap-all script.
It gets corrected automatically. I hope its gone by now. 🙂

pratap April 21, 2009

dude i gt script bugged wid my orkut account…it gets updated mostly n keeps sending random frnd request to ppl…
if i click on my image evn by mistake…it erases whole details in my profile and makes it default….
help out plz

Rahul Bansal April 22, 2009

Delete all greasemonkey scripts.
Also check if your system is infected with virus.

Ashok July 12, 2009

Dear Sir / Madam
On my Pc i am facing a problem called javascript:void(0); for posting or reply scap if i use my home pc but when i use my lap top or my freind pc i dont have that same problem my scrap are posted easily so can u solve my this problem
if i try to open any link from orkut it showing javascript:%20void(0); so pls tell me the solution

I am waiting 4 u r reply

Deepak Jain July 14, 2009

Try using Orkut in some other browser in your home pc

bhavna August 23, 2009

hey!! m having a user script of greasemonkey named “keebod’s fonts” i have done evrything to make it work again bt nthning happens.. it is still nt wrking.. pls guide me!!

praveen sharma November 6, 2009

hey could u tell me how can i forward the same scrap to other people which i got from one of my friend

sam122 April 14, 2010

hey dude
i use orkut on google chrome
my chat in often disabled
wat do i do???