How to hide updates from a particular friend in Facebook Ticker

Facebook Ticker, a feature that was launched in second half of 2011 shows you Facebook news feed updates in real-time on your sidebar. It’s a good way of staying updated with what your friends are up to on Facebook as it gets refreshed quickly. But if you have too many friends on Facebook then this Ticker starts flooding your sidebar with so many updates and most of them might not be useful for you. Let’s see how you can hide Ticker updates of some friends and continue to show others.

How to Hide Ticker updates of some friends:

#Method 1:

Open your Facebook homepage and click on a friend’s update you want to hide in future. Then click on the arrow on top right of that story and select ‘Hide all by ____’.

#Method 2:

Another way of doing this is by using ‘Restricted List’ feature of Facebook. This ‘Restricted List’ method will hide your friend’s update from Ticker but it will also stop showing your updates to your friend on their News Feed.

To add a person in your ‘Restricted List’ use this method. Once you add someone to this list you will no longer see updates from him on your Ticker or your News Feed.

Don’t forget to give it a try. This will definitely make Facebooking better for you. Stay connected for more Facebook Tips.