6 Recent changes in Facebook and purpose of launching them

Facebook recently changed lots of stuff on user profiles. As usual people do not like these changes due to the same reason, that is these changes are confusing and users are not habitual of them. Let’s tell you everything about these changes and what’s the use and purpose of launching them.

Sticky bar at the top (header):

Facebook’s header is still the same but Facebook made the new header bar sticky. That means header will stick to the top of page and will always show you whenever you use Facebook. Even when you scroll down to the bottom of a page it will remain at the top.

Purpose: The purpose of this change is to keep search bar always with you so that you can easily search for your friends without going to the top of page. Also it makes easier to access the homepage and profile page easily with just one click without scrolling.

Top and Recent Stories:

Unlike older buttons of Top post and Recent posts on Facebook, we have now selective Top stories where you can select yourself which post should be there as a top post and which shouldn’t. You can select a Top story by clicking on a Blue corner with every update. Facebook will show similar stories as top whenever you visit Facebook next time.

Purpose: Well there no such use of this feature and it makes Facebook’s homepage damn confusing as there are no separator between the top and recent posts. But according to Facebook this feature lets you to select your kind of top posts rather than showing every post with likes and comments. It might be a useful feature once we get familiar with the new interface.

New Lists:

This feature isn’t new and we told you about this few days back. This is a new automated way to add people into lists and read more updates from selected friends only.

Purpose: The major reason for launching this feature is to make users to use the old lists and to get updates from selective friends only. It also gives you an option of hiding your updates from some people in your friend’s list without unfriending them.

Bigger photos in News Feed:

A feature copied from Google+, Facebook also started showing bigger pictures in its news feed. Also if you upload a group of photos it will show once bigger picture and two smaller pics side by side.

Purpose: The purpose of this feature is to attract friends to the pictures you upload. Obviously a user easily gets attracted to a bigger picture rather than three smaller ones, so the chances of opening the picture increase. This is a good change in Facebook even if it’s a copied one. šŸ˜‰


A new updates section on the sidebar which shows updates from all your friends and their recent activity. This is more like a news channel’s Breaking News. šŸ˜›

Purpose: Facebook Ticker is also launched to increase user interaction. It gets updated every second and user checks it time to time. Also watching an update is easy as you don’t need to visit a new page for every update, just roll over your mouse cursor to an update and it will show the whole post there. It’s not liked by Facebook users but I’m sure they will get habitual of it.

Birthday and Event view:

Facebook birthdays and events are shown in a new way now. The placement is still the same but when you click on a birthday or an event it will show it on your homepage itself without opening it in a new page.

Purpose: This is a good feature and user friendly too because by using this you can wish all your friends who are having birthday on that day on a same place without visiting everyone’s profile and wishing them separately. Also you can see current and upcoming events with a single click.

People don’t like most of the new features at the moment as they hate changes but they will start liking it. But it’s true that people visit Facebook because their friends are here and to stay connected with everyone. The fun part in Facebook is missing now. Let’s see whether people like the new timeline feature or not which is not yet available for everyone.


Soham September 24, 2011

Actually, the top sticky bar is not functioning properly. Sometime it disappears and we have to go up to the top to view it like previous facebook versions.
FB should work on that.

Sauravjit September 24, 2011

It’s working fine for me buddy!

Mukul Singh September 24, 2011

I am having New Timeline Feature šŸ™‚ But I got it by a Trick šŸ˜‰

Sauravjit September 24, 2011

That we posted yesterday šŸ˜‰