How To Make the Most Out of Your Mobile Internet?

1) Sync your mobile contacts, calendar, Tasks online

Mobile InternetWhat is the most important thing in a mobile phone anyone is using? Depending on your priorities, it might be the huge list of games on it, music and data for some and, for some real life romantic comedy heroes, it might be the mushy SMS sent by their girlfriends! I see the majority of you waiting with rotten e-tomatoes, as I have not yet mentioned contacts and calendar. You win 🙂

How cool would it be if you are able to maintain an exact copy of contacts, calendar events and tasks online just with the push of a button. Most of your phones (middle and high end ones) have a feature to sync those data online with a server. But where is the server? lets you sync your contacts, calendar and tasks for free. They even have a copy of all your changed, deleted contacts. How cool is that?

Head over to ZYB.COM, sign up and follow their simple instructions to set up your phone. If you have any doubts, just comment and I will be the happiest to help you.

2) Use Google’s mobile services

Did you even know that Google provides easy to use mobile clients and solutions for GMAIL, MAPS, YOUTUBE, READER, PHOTOS, NEWS, DOCS, GOOGLE TALK, CALENDAR and even BLOGGER… phew, let me breathe for a moment !

Not all of them have a nice Java client application like Google Maps, Gmail etc. does, but they do make the entire process simpler than opening the browser for each and every service you have to access. Visit Google Mobile now.

3) Send SMS for free

This is especially for Indians. I know most of us have local SMS in affordable rates. But what if we are able to send absolutely free SMS to India, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia just with the same effort you use for sending a normal SMS from your mobile ?

If you have not already, Its time to visit 160BY2. Do you know that they provide a Java mobile client that virtually works with any java supported mobile phone? They make the process as fast and easy as Open, Type and Send. Check out 160BY2 site and download their mobile client.

Bonus Tip – Have you ever wanted to stay away from picking someone’s call, but at the same time, could not switch off your mobile phone? Now you can switch off your mobile, but the person calling you will hear “Not Reachable” instead of “Has been switched off” 😉 – Check out how by clicking here

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Ronny July 20, 2009

Mobical is a similar service to Zyb. but its better because it gives tasks, notes, bookmarks and SMS sync too.. Moreover multiple devices are supported to one account. I am not sure if Zyb does it well.

Emmanuel December 6, 2010

how do I connect using nokia 6300 and can you give me details plz
I really need it for it costing me too much just to access and if there is a free way can you tell me thanks in advance