Google, Yahoo or Bing? Just Fuse Your Search!

clip_image002Here is a convenient search solution for all those confused between making a choice between Google, Yahoo or Bing. It’s good to have more options as an end user, but at the same time, more options mean having to pick out and choose from the alternatives when you actually need to use it. No one in today’s world has the time to run the same search on different search engines. That’s why you now have the option to fuse your searches together with FusionSearch!


Technology used

FusionSearch uses:

  1. Pre-caching technology so that it can hit the desired speed when switching between pages.
  2. AJAX technology for stability and reliability.
  3. Information directly from Google, Bing and Yahoo indexes.

Sites providing similar services

A couple of days back, I wrote about a similar tool called that lets you run a twin search, coupling Google and Bing. This means, that while searching for information, you can search on both the search engines at the same time.


The advantage FusionSearch has over AskBoth is that it includes Yahoo search as well. However, the disadvantage is that it does not have the Image search option. on the other hand, has the regular features of Content Search on the Web as well as Image Search.

Check it out for yourself to see whether or not it gives you a better and faster search experience overall.

Link: fusionsearch


Christopher Hagedorn August 17, 2009

The site is now updated, and features image search as well. It’s also faster and has a new sleek design.

Thanks for reviewing us, and remember to check out our wiki at if you’re looking for more information about our group or software.

Rahul Bansal September 1, 2009

Your welcome buddy! 🙂