5 Ways to Save Orkut Photos

View Page Info- >Media: On Firefox Right Click on any area on the page containing photo, Select View page info and select the second tab.

ie.Media. Scroll to find the picture you were looking for. All you have to do now is click “Save As”.

View Page Source: Using this method fetches the same link as the previous method but works on several browsers.

Grease Monkey & Orkut Manager: Using custom java script on Firefox you can Add a get image link at the end of photo. Orkut manager also comes with multiple functions to make you Orkut Power User.

The final two have been discussed already on DW so I credit them with links to respective posts.

Drag and Drop Album Image to AddressBar: Details here

Use FireFox Background Image Saver: Addon Link . More details here

Links: GreasemonkeyFirefoxOrkut Manager

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suvam basak January 13, 2010

i have lost my old pics while uploading new pics in orkut beta..how to recover them??

Anish K.S March 5, 2010

Simple, Just open orkut in Opera Browser, you can save the images by right click and save.

or open the images in Ie and check at temp file folder.