How to plant a “Meetha Bomb” on your Orkut friends

Cadbury Éclairs recently released a new Orkut application called the “Meetha Bomb”based on one of their latest TV commercials.

Like the name suggests, with the help of this application, you could drop a “meetha bomb” on your Orkut friends for fun.

How does it work?

  1. Click here to add the application from your Orkut profile
  2. Then select the orkut profile picture of a friend you wish to bomb
  3. Use this application plant a “meetha bomb” on them
  4. Have a blast… Simple!


View the TV Commercial

Here is the TV commercial (Tamil version) this application is based on:

Thanks Rupesh for sharing these links!

Link: meetha bomb app


guilherme July 9, 2009

vcs vão aprende como deixa o orkut colorido

Luan Lukose July 16, 2009


hot and amazing

keep updating

warm regards,