How to show magic hidden rings on Facebook

Few days back, one of the fans of FacebooKnol on Facebook posted about the magic circles seen on Facebook. Thought it’s now quite older thing but still most of the people are not familiar with it. So this post is dedicated to all of them. 🙂

Open any Facebook profile or your homepage. Now press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A and then hit enter. Press all these buttons sequentially. Now whenever you click on any link or click any where on some red coloured rings will be appeared as shown below. You will be able to see then even while scrolling up or down as well.

facebook-logo - Copy - Copy (2)

facebook-logo - Copy - Copy (3)

facebook-logo - Copy - Copy

facebook-logo - Copy

This is well tested on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome but  am not sure about Internet Explorer. The rings will be automaticaly deactivated whenever the window is closed. Thanks Sri Ganesh for the tip. 😉