iBand – Live Music Show Using Apple’s iPhone/iPad Gadgets!

I have many friends who own a iPhone or a fancy iPod. I am personally not much of a fan of Apple and that can be probably because of my ignorance. I must confess that all my friends who have Apple products are die-hard fans. I came across this video online and realized why Apple products actually rock. They simply have this great ability to surprise everyone with their various features.

iBand – Live Music Show

Below is a video of a band called North Point which calls itself iBand. 🙂

The video consists of a live music performance where they are singing ‘Merry Christmas’ using Apple devices like iPhones and iPad.

Atomic Tom – “Take me out” -Live on NYC Subway

This is the second time I have been amazed by such innovative use of Apple gadgets. Another was a video which showed a group creating music on their iPhones. This video was also among the top 5 tech related videos watched on YouTube in 2010. This performance is almost as good as any with real instruments.

Closer home AR Rahman, the music maestro from Chennai, India also demonstrates a small music demo on this favourite iPad application.

What do you think about Apple products and the apps that allow such innovation? Also do you think the regular musical instruments will change into applications on a tablet in the future! I sure hope that guitars do last out the tablets. It is a little difficult to think of a Rock musician singing to a crowd of 50,000 holding a iPad. 🙂

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