iGoogle Showcase – Now your favorite stars are just a few clicks away!

image Can’t get enough of celebrities? Well, here’s your chance to peep into the homepages of some of the preeminent people and celebrities, get to know their interests and learn how they experience the web. Google has partnered with iconic celebrities and thought leaders and asked them to share the content on their personal home page.

Currently there are 30 icons, like actress – Demi Moore, musician – Dave Matthews, Actor & Founder of Katalyst Films – Ashton Kutcher, and TV host – Rachael Ray are sharing their iGoogle pages in full with iGoogle Showcase, allowing people to see and share the homepages of their favorite icons.

Things you could do

Using iGoogle Showcase, you could either:

  • Add your favorite celebrity’s entire iGoogle page to your own


  • Browse through the collection and choose different gadgets and themes from several pages.

The Celebrity-Fan Rendezvous

Many celebrity partners have created their own custom iGoogle gadgets. This means that they can easily connect with their fans every day!

For instance, if you are a Ryan Seacrest fan (Host, American Idol & Radio Personality) then here are some of the things iGoogle Showcase will allow you to do:

  • Keep up with all of Ryan Seacrest’s latest entertainment news
  • Follow his Tweets
  • Watch his exclusive videos
  • Listen to his radio interviews
  • View his photo albums


How does it work?

To get any one of those celebrity themes or gadgets on your own iGoogle page, follow the steps below:

  • Visit iGoogle Showcase
  • Choose the celebrity you would like to add
  • Just click to “Add” stuff to your own homepage

Not every featured celebrity has their theme. Some use generic iGoogle themes or themes related to other artists, designers, or charities.

This move certainly reflects Google’s ongoing quest to encourage users to stay on Google for longer rather than just visiting Google to search information and then leaving immediately.

Link: iGoogle Showcase