InboxCleaner – Clean your Twitter Inbox messages in bulk

One of the most active social networks along with Facebook is Twitter. Twitter usually helps us really share and comment on interesting topics with our friends, followers, celebrities and even complete strangers. One very useful feature of Twitter is the Direct Message. This way if two people are mutually following each other on Twitter, they can send each other a message which is private. This is something like email.

While I find it very useful to exchange messages once in a while on Twitter, I have quickly piled up a few messages on my Twitter account. Deleting them all is quite troublesome as there is no feature on Twitter which allows me to delete messages in bulk.

InboxCleaner is a great online tool which helps delete messages quickly and also keep your Twitter profile clean. 🙂

Just visit the InboxCleaner and login with your Twitter details. This takes us to a page with three options to delete messages. I could simply choose to Delete messages from a particular user or by content. In case you are not too picky a good option is to simply delete all messages.

I wish Twitter had this feature integrated within its website but I guess until then InboxCleaner is the best option.

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Link: InboxCleaner