India Rail Info: Best portal for Indian Railways inquiry!

Finally I gathered enough courage to start writing about this website. Confused? India Rail Info is one website for Railway inquiries I have been using for past 1 year and there is no reason I would start using any other website, not even the Government railways portal. Since the portal hosts “so many” features, I would be unable to discuss them all here. However here are few of the important and unique features.

Excellent Navigation

Get a list of trains between any two stations or even just type out the Number or Name of the train. The website even helps you in completing names.

DW indiarailinfo2

Personalized Experience

Login using Facebook or Google account and get to do all things with your history constantly saved. For e.g. PNR status lookup, Trains lookup, Blog entries and a lot more is saved.

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PNR Prediction

The first of its kind, though not official but ofcourse helpful. This one I love to use as I can get recommendations from people on whether my waitlisted ticket will get confirmed or stay as waitlisted. You too can predict for other people and this builds up your profile. For e.g. you predict over 3 PNR entries & 2 prediction turns correct, so your profile will display an accuracy of 66.67%.

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No Advertisement

Many people often think of it as a government-operated website as there is not even a single Advertisement hosted. What an irony, that even our Government railway inquiry website hosts so many advertisements that I go crazy using it.

Patience is Exciting

By this I just meant that initially the website may look a bit complex to you (so what? even Indian Railways is a complex network :P), however if you just have some patience and try few features, you would definitely fall in love with it.

When I visited the Government-run Indian Railways website, this is what I saw:

DW indiarailinfo

[the Indian railways Government website is down]

LINK: India Rail Info

6 replies on “India Rail Info: Best portal for Indian Railways inquiry!”

    1. I appreciate your thoughts, even I have checked, what I find missing is the personalization provides. Moreover, there are many other things like the PNR Prediction which makes the latter deserving.

  1. great review. great site. period. I have been going through the site for several hours. still discovering new things… can’t believe an Indian website can be so sophisticated. simply wow. thanx.

  2. interested in details on the recently annonced package tour mumbai-gujerat-rajsthan-agra-delhi

  3. I just stumbled onto this site and after finding the data I wanted, I could not verify whether this is a govt site / trustworthy site. So I googled, and landed on this page.

    I must agree, it is effective. It told me about train times between stations (on Kangra Railway System, not mainstream rail routes) which even IRCTC did not have !

    Will explore more in the future. Thanks for the review.

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