“Giveaway of the Day” – Download Licensed Software for Free Everyday

People generally tend to look for pirated versions of software that are available for download from torrents and tons of other resources.

An interesting website I came across recently is Giveawayoftheday.com which provides a licensed copy of a particular software everyday for download.

Each day you will find a new software available for download for 24 hours. This is a completely legitimate service and the giveaway is provided with prior permission from the publishers of the particular software.

The software which this website provides for download range from audio editing, audio/video conversion, up to alternatives/add-ons to MS-Office, office utilities etc. You can check their previous Giveaways till today here.

You can add Giveaway of the Day to your RSS feed, or get email updates everyday as well.

Few things to remember:

  • A particular software is available for download only for a period of 24 hours and cannot be downloaded later.
  • You cannot re-install a particular software after a PC crash or install the program on another PC after the giveaway day is over.

Link: Giveaway of the Day