Insta7 – Mobile App for Faster Browsing on GPRS/3G

Insta7_logoI recently came across a mobile application called Insta7 and found it quite useful for mobile users in India. The mobile app, shows the latest news updates, cricket scores and even latest flight status updates.

Insta7 Features

  • While using mobile phones, there are many apps and websites we browse from the phone browser. This can actually make browsing on the internet a little tedious. With useful links and information, organized in its layout under specific categories, Insta7 makes browsing a lot faster.


  • The service can be looked up by downloading their app or by simply visiting from the mobile browser.
  • The app works fine with almost every mobile phone. It works with GPRS (2G), 3G and WiFi connection.

Insta7 makes sense for GPRS users

In India, we do not have wide availability of 3G and WiFi spots are also not very common. This means we have to end up using the slower GPRS connection to browse on our mobile phones.

Insta7 makes it a lot easier for GPRS users to quickly browse instead of waiting for individual apps or websites to load up.

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Link: Insta7


irfan December 26, 2011

like insta7

maninderkumar February 7, 2012

i most like & more useful site