How to get list of plugins installed on any wordpress blog!

Editors Note: This article reviews Plugin Meter. Unfortunately the site reviewed in this article has stopped functioning.

Plugin Meter - Devils Workshop

If you are a wordpress blogger or just for some other reasons if you want to know which plugins are installed on your favorite wordpress blog then just go to Plugin Meter!Just click on following link and you will see list of plugins installed on Devils Workshop! You may need to check following link in Internet Explorer.

You can change bold part in above URL with any wordpress blog address to see its plugin list.

This newly launched service is still in beta. Its directory index have 14371 WordPress blogs covering stats about 3239 plugins. You will be lucky if the blog you are looking for is already indexed. Which is the case with almost all famous blogs. Even if the blog is not in the list you can submit its URL to get it indexed soon!

Additionally what I like is list of Top 20 plugins worldwide, which is displayed on its homepage! As the stats are real time, you can consider plugin meter as a good place to find really top plugins.

Problems in Beta…

  • You may find few pages messed too much in Firefox. No-No don’t blame firefox as its responsibility of web-designer to insure site works properly in different browsers. Atleast major browsers like Firefox, IE, Safari & Opera.
  • I also noticed it dumps just list of all plugins found on blog. I guess it would be better if atleast they differentiate between active and inactive plugins.
  • Also there are small tweaks can be performed in user interface.

I wish I could come across a service like this when I was new to wordpress. I still remember testing really bad plugins in the beginning which wasted my lots of time as well as efforts!

Links: Plugin Meter Homepage | Devils Workshop Plugin List


jameswillisisthebest September 9, 2007

This is first time i am posting a comment
This is really great site!
Keep writing! 🙂

Rahul Bansal September 14, 2007

Thanks 4 your nice comment James! 🙂

Aditya March 15, 2009

Thanks for all good info. I also tried Beta ones but didnt like it so I decided to have a stable version.

Bapun March 15, 2009

It’s too messy.

Tech Update February 1, 2011

The Site seems to be down could you please provide some other site offering the same service