Orkut Message Cleaner Script!

Orkut Message Cleaner ScriptLong Long time ago… some of my orkut friends requested me to write a greasemonkey script to clean orkut message box!

If your message box has been flooded with 1000’s of messages, most of them are junk you would like to clean them all at once as most of us gets our imortant mails on services like gmail, yahoo, hotmail and others!

Enough chit-chat, lets clean it once…


  1. Firefox
  2. GreaseMonkey Extension (need help)

# Installation

# To use…

  • Just go to your orkut message box and your messages will start to delete automatically!

If you have something like 10000 message and a slow internet connection it may take considerable time! Otherwise it should be matter of a minute or two atmost!

By the way you can speedup this considerably by using ImgLikeOpera extension!

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21 Replies to “Orkut Message Cleaner Script!”

  1. hey…i never got to know that you have a website too… maybe you would have put it on Indianpad but i cannot access it. it has been blocked as i accessed it quite few times and that too the audio section so it was marked as ‘entertainment’.

    gtg…keep comm. thru email

    1. Looks like you like our work! [:)]
      Many good posts from DW already listed on indianpad…
      Anyway if you prefer email communication you can subscribe using form on top-right side of this site!
      Thanks for your comment… 🙂

    1. I havent checked it since long time. 🙁
      As far as I know, scrapbook deleter is working fine.
      Actually I don’t have any messages in my orkut inbox to check this script right now, but I will surely check it soon. 🙁

      1. @Asim, Deepak & ALL
        Updated this script.
        Its working now. 🙂
        Just click on install script link in the above post.

  2. hi Rahul, how to delete hotmail inbox all together? is ther any tweak ? fed up with more than 7k mails.

    1. @Ajeesh
      I am not sure but a script like this can be created if there is no official way. 😉
      As I do not use hotmail, I afraid I won’t be able to do that myself.

  3. i want to see another person scrap but that is in privacy so ho cah i see and that person is not in my friend list so plz tell me if possible

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