Fight Corruption Online with Central Vigilance Commission (CVC)

It is a well known fact that citizens of India have not been much active in fighting corruption, which is still considered a big menace to the progress of the country. However with more and more people including the young and the old joining the Internet era, we can expect people to be more active in talking and taking steps for fighting  the big threat. In one of the most recent developments, the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has launched the “Project Vigeye” which is a part of the much publicized “Blow your Whistle” campaign.

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The use of Information Technology in fighting corruption can prove to be a real solution when people are more than engaged into their private lives and don’t really find the time to participate in such activities for national interest. However, people do manage to take out time to be online for activities like checking email etc. The corruption watch-dog in India has finally recognised this aptitude and hence implemented solutions under the Vigeye Project to let people file their complaints through the Online platform in an interactive yet easy manner.

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Credit: Vigeye Official Portal

What is so different about being Online?

It is even true that departments like CVC and others did have email IDs and basic complaint systems built online, however with the Project Vigeye the complainant has been empowered to track their complaint in real-time and know its status online with no need to follow up specifically with the agency. Infact a mobile application has been developed for common platforms like Symbian for easy and quick recording of complaints in all possible formats including Photographs and Videos as well.

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Credit: Vigeye Official Portal

Do not miss the opportunity to be a part of the biggest fight against the ‘biggest’ problem in our society today. You can register directly for the Web process here.

Also, check  out the post on a website MyNeta which is all about data on candidates and Politicians about their background and other records.

LINK: Project Vigeye

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  1. it literally blows up my heart when i find the taxpayers’ money going to the pleasures of the unscrupulous politicians.At least,we got a nice prime minister in the form of i guess it is not totally hopeless.

    1. CVC is an autonomous agency and does not come under any politician or political body just like TRAI and SEBI. Moreover, these efforts largely depends on Internet users like us whether we use these services to the full extent or not.

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